2016 - A Year in Review

So what happened in 2016? More than can be iterated here, certainly, but this is mainly a focus on what transpired in my writing career and how The Adventures of the Trinity and the One developed. Which isn't short list, to be sure, but it is definitely more focused.

So where to begin?

Well, let's start with the novels.

Two novels were published! Half the current series was released in 2016 and the other half in 2015. That feels consistent.

But I wasn't just content with publishing novels–I did my fair share of other writing, too.

Among all the other blog posts I did, some more interesting than others, and the promotion work I did for the SIA book blasts that happened in 2016.

This is all avoiding the elephant-in-the-room. That being, well, the result of my decision concerning what to do with my writing in general. As it is hopefully clear from that post and my actions of late, my choice has been to pull back. No more Amazon for my books. Print distribution through Createspace and electronic copies through myself (ask if you want one.) Only sharing when I want to share, not because I feel I ought to. Doing what I want. Being Empirian and all that.

It feels liberating to not feel beholden to an idea of what should be done in my situation. I am free from that. I have chosen to start 2017 free from such constraints. Anything I do from now on will be through the wizened eyes of differentiating want and ought. 2017 feels like it has more potential in it. Maybe it doesn't have the bizarre charm and sheer eventfulness that 2016 had, but some years are for change and others are for progress. I have a feeling 2017 is the continuation of what happened in 2016. A true start instead of determining to start.

I'm ready for all that means.

I'm ready for 2017.

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