Character Interview: Farrco (Post-OFE)

Character Interview: Farrco (Post-OFE)

And another Character Interview! Feels belated, but Of Fractured Edges had some intense stuff going on in it and I couldn't just ask Farrco for an interview so soon after it. I had to give him some time. This is set sometime after Of Fractured Edges, but does not directly reference anything so no hard spoilers. Some allusions, but that is about it.

Interviewer: Shalaeyah, Farrco.

Farrco: Shalaeyah.

So how has the Trinity and the One been doing? After all the events of a few months ago there seems to have been a lull in your activities.

Aye. We are still currently in that lull. We were left in a position where we felt a time of training and inward insight would proven valuable to us.

Is it proving itself to be valuable?

Not as much as we had hoped, but the experience of a lack of immediate purpose and being able to be and enrich ourselves is valuable in a different sense.

Has anything interesting happened? Asides from the fallout of the events of late?

Nothing that I would think the Empire would find interesting. However, King is learning to use his sword and armor. Cyclone has been teaching him.

I imagine that could be quite hilarious.

It is. King and Cyclone had a intense capacity for bantering one another. Sometimes it seems that they could banter forever if they were confined to a room. That is simply not possible, though.


King would get winded, but Cyclone would not because he is dead. When King would get winded is unknown. His stamina varies greatly depending on the context.

It would be interesting to see the King of Flana waver. He has accumulated much respect for being tenacious. Respect and awe of something perhaps bizarre.

Wa. I understand that the Empire viewed his devotion to avenging Flana as peculiar and almost 'mad.' This was before my time. When I entered into the Empire he had achieved what he had sought to do.

Aye. You came into being right in the middle of the Dimensional Weapon Incident. What was it like, coming into being in such events?

I did not fully understand the scope of what was happening at the time of it. I was only trying to be and then I would later discover that my actions of being had sent waves through reality. I knew what was happening between myself and Wildfire but the exact nuances of the Dimensional Weapon were unknown. I was only trying to do what I wanted. What I thought I wanted. I was trying to discover myself. I find it hard to explain coming into being the way I did.

There is no need to. Many Empirians understand such a shock. Sacon and Mechanicha, for example, come into being with much the same raw perception of what is going on. And a lack of control over that perception. You are not alone!

I know I am not. I may not be like Empirians, or identify as one, but I have found my place in this universe. I have found the Trinity and the One. They are my friends. I believe they could also be called family but that word does not seem apt. Neither does friends. We are more.

You are the Trinity and the One. That explains your relationship. It implies the deeper connection.

It does. But does it truly?

No, but not all of us are graced with such station.

That is true. There is much that is unequal in Tyra Kolaq'blegae. But that does not stop anyone from continuing on. Sometimes I am in such awe of what those of Tyra Kolaq'blegae do with what they have been given. My comrades are shining examples of this.

I cannot refute that. Your comrades are becoming swift idols to the Empire. I am already a great fan.

Etae to.

No, I must thank you, Farrco. For allowing me to speak with you and for all that you have done. Thank you for taking the time with me and I think we are done here. Chartwekey.


So that is it!

That is Farrco's interview set after Of Fractured Edges. It is also the last of the interviews with the current Trinity and the One! Don't worry, I'll have more character interviews, but this completes the set of four along with King, Cyclone, and Spellbinder.

I've really enjoyed writing these and I hope you've enjoyed reading them with the same fervor. Stay tuned for the interviews of other characters!

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