New Database

🗓 16 Sep 2019

I’ve cleaned up the Database…again. It’s faster now. New information. Cleaned up old bits and slimmed it down. Added more images. It’ll be a bit easier to manage going forward, I think.

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New Website

🗓 26 Aug 2019

I recently updated the entire website. I rebuilt it practically from scratch. Re-did the categories and tags, tweaked images, added more art, and so on. Should be a lot faster.

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Database revamped!

🗓 29 Aug 2015

The Database has been transformed! It no longer occupies space on this site, but on a subdomain with a much cleaner feel. Enjoy. Content is same.

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🗓 17 May 2015

I have gotten to something I should have done weeks ago: upload concept art to DA and embed them here. In my possession are pictures of the character, races, and some scenery of things in How to Stop Wildfire and the world. My skills are pretty bad, yes, yes, but they are visual aids! In the database I have been adding the pictures. It is going to be fantastic in the end, I hope.

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🗓 27 Mar 2015

This website is for all things related to my upcoming book series, The Adventures of the Trinity and the One, a new space opera series. The first book will be coming out in April or May on Amazon and Nook. It is very much an origin story for the cast of characters that the series will be centered around. It is an epic space opera series that has high fantasy and sci-fi elements.

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