Series Swag

This is a very belated post. I'm not good at reminding myself to take pictures or do certain things, so sometimes things take time.

So for Christmas I was given some awesome series swag based on the big four, aka Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco, made by a very loving relative.

The first thing was a large blanket, with the four characters in each their own quadrant. It is so warm and amazing.

The Blanket

And then there was the adorable dolls.

They are so cute. I can't tell you which one is my favorite; the all have their lovely quirks to them.

So yea. Just wanted to share some pics of this collection of series swag. One day, when it all gets popular and famous, you too will be able to have a stuffed set of the Trinity and the One.

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