Commissioned Art of Kulaszar

Commissioned Art of Kulaszar

I commissioned AR Sullivan once again, this time to do Kulaszar! Kulaszar…who is a Shafien, as in, a shapeshifter. He does have a ‘normal’ form he takes, but…he also can take the form of anything else and has changed into some very interesting shapes in the past. I wanted him in a basically ‘normal’ state but showing off his abilities in the form of tentacles. He makes himself tentacles often so it made sense to me.

Given his abilities, though, there wasn’t really going to be a ‘wrong’ way to go about Kulaszar…anyway.


Kulaszar Color Sketch

Looking very good! My only request was to have him smirk more.


Kulaszar Art Final

And here he is, all shiny and dynamic! This is definitely a form of Kulaszar. I love the tentacle arms and his smirk.

Big thanks to AR Sullivan for knocking Kulaszar out of the park!

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