Gender Diversity in My Characters

I'm the type of person that likes diversity in TV shows and movies. There should be gender diversity -- a pretty equal balance between females and males and the cast should be racially diverse, in my opinion. Of course, this does not hold for period pieces or settings that clearly have a dominant race or clearly sexist society or something. I'm not a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) or anything, I just want diversity---not white males dominating the screen all the time.

Which kind of makes my writings a bit interesting.

Right now, the 'main' cast is:

Two females and three males. At least it isn't one female and four males, but it isn't completely balanced. It being five and odd causes this, but of the principle four ('the main group') only Spellbinder identifies as female. I don't really count Farrco as 'male' per say, but he uses the 'he' pronoun due to more simplistic reasons (which will be explored in Threads that Bind the Tempest aka book 3, which is going swimmingly, if I were swimming in loose sand.) But regardless, there isn't really the balance that my gender diversity cravings want and the world deserves.

Not yet, anyway.

Oh yea, you got that right. There is going to be another main-ish character introduced in the series bringing five to six and then it will be balanced. I'm planning on it hard. Trinity and the One contains an infinite amount of persons. The number can only go up. In this case by one to six. I won't name this new character, as that is a bit of a spoiler. By bit, I mean huge. But I will discuss the gender of said character.

Originally, for the entirety of their existence in my mind until recently that character had been a he. Then I was having a crisis of making the gender balanced so I'm like why not switch genders? It doesn't matter. It really doesn't. And I did and I liked it. The character is the same, but I get to fulfill my sense of duty to diversifying casts and improving society or something. It also creates more interesting parallels and contrast, in my opinion, but I can't really speak to it yet. I think it might be a vague 'trope inversion' or something, I don't really know. When it is all written and done I can ramble about how clever I was and people can look over it and not care.

Speaking of care, there is another diversity thing that I still have regrets over. It is another form of diversity...more stylistic, but that is a discussion for another time. I'll get to it in the future. Have faith. Quin quar lar.

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