Emerald Haze Cover

Emerald Haze Cover

After mulling over the top fractals I recently generated, the rejects you can see here, I settled on one fractal to use. It was the fractal that I deep-down knew was going to be the Emerald Haze cover art the moment I saw it generate. Any hesitation I had towards using the fractal medium once more for a book cover was shattered by this fractal.

This fractal…its entire composition is so apt for the book contents. It is almost like art for this one scene from the book. You’ll know the scene when you get to it. Any others would fail to articulate that and the intensity could not be matched. The threads of light bursting out…it was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Original Emerald Haze Fractal Art

From the aspect of shape it was on-point. But the coloring…not quite as green as it could be. But that could easy be remedied. I played with the colors, tweaking the balance, until it became more vividly green…as in, more emerald. It settled well and, although the original is fantastic still, this fits the book cover more. The more consistent green tones also made it easier to overlay white text on top of it without having black backgrounds behind it or anything.

Edited Emerald Haze Fractal Art

With regards to the text, the font I chose for the title was the Library 3 AM font by Igor Kosinsky. I loved the lines and blocking on it. It just made sense based on how the book has all these different paths and flows to it.

Generating this fractal and finding this font…it was a marvelous coming together of two very apt parts that fit together easy. This was such an easy e-cover to make after these two things just ‘appeared’ so plainly and profoundly before me. It might be the easiest and fastest cover I’ve made so far along with Containment Collapse’s cover.

Now, I hope and imagine the print cover will be the same, but I’ll know for certain soon…still have to finish the book itself! I am getting there. But, in the meantime, I can rest mildly easier knowing the e-cover is done. At least, until I wake up thinking of a much better idea and scrap this…I doubt that, though. This feels right.

Emerald Haze E-Cover

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