Emerald Haze (Book 9)

Questions are asked and the answers...they may not even matter.

The Primordial Essences have been united, but the Trinity and the One has been shattered apart.

A shot from a peculiar robot during a battle with Malcolm Zfnoc scatters the group, placing them in strange situations and mostly unfamiliar groupings. The members of the Trinity and the One and its allies must work together in new ways to find each other once more. All the while, the Guardian-incarnate, a Human child, is brought closer to their divine destiny of wielding the Amulet of Ra.

But…is it truly their destiny? Is that future, that destiny, something that should truly be? It drags them forth but what will they do once they get there?

Such questions will be asked…but who asks them and who will answer? Are there even answers? And if there are, do they matter?

Released: 03 June 2020


The nature of this place was like a rich fog in a woven box.
The Memories of Ways: Part 1
“As far as I want to go then further,” Dien decided right then and headed towards the end of that pale blue before them.
Dien, Beliefs and Boundaries: Part 2
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Beginnings. Ends. What are they but each other?
Dien, Beliefs and Boundaries: Part 3
I must. I shall. I, Farrco, am and shall.
Farrco, Interlude: At the End
It was green and so was he—what did that matter?
Continuum: Green

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JWildfire for allowing me to generate the cover art

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