Emerald Haze Cover Art Attempts

Emerald Haze Cover Art Attempts

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted for the Emerald Haze cover art, but I knew it had to be green. I played around with the Apple Pencil and the Sketchbook app, but I wasn’t too fond of the above results (the art is the post thumbnail). It lacked punch and texture. It needed something more dynamic to convey the themes present in the book.

After some thought, I decided to spin up the JWildfire Fractal Generator again. I used it recreationally/as a hobby in the past and it was the generator that did Threads that Bind the Tempest’s cover art. I’m not sure how I fully feel about re-using a method for a different book series, but I tried it out anyway to see if anything sparked inspiration. A few did, but those are not the ones below!

Below are some of the fractals I generated that fit the basic criteria but that I decided not to go with for the book cover. I’m holding back the ones I’m still mulling over and even those I might decide against.

I’ll be posting the high-res versions of these fractals on Patreon for Patrons. Should make nice wallpapers!

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