I’ve rambled about genre before. I’m not going to repeat myself and say what genre is or isn’t or what not. This is, instead, a vague response to a trend I’ve noticed. I’ve seen a lot of posts recently discussing why science fiction and fantasy are important. How they can help society and such. I don’t […]

Being a (Female) Author Because for some reason there has to be a distinction. There was this show on the Syfy channel called Warehouse 13. It was a solid family-fun flick about a secret warehouse that contained legendary objects of famous people, things like Ferdinand Magellan’s Astrolabe. It had a way of using the watcher’s […]

Genre Expectations: the expectation that when reading a humor book you are going to laugh. That when reading a women’s fiction novel women are going to be portrayed strongly. That a mystery book is going to have a mystery. Genre expectations are basic ideas about a book’s premise that you can ascribe to it based solely on knowledge […]