The Corruption of Dark Afterword (+ Recording)

🗓 05 Aug 2019


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The Madness of Light Afterword (+ Recording!)

🗓 03 Mar 2018

Warning, spoilers!

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Expansion Expression Foreword (+ Recording!)

🗓 30 Jul 2017

And now I'm currently all caught up with forewords/afterwords. Here's the foreword/preface for Expansion Expression, which sort of kicks off the vibe for the novel and the series moving forward. It's definitely lighter than the other ones. As always, I enjoyed writing and recording it.

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Of Fractured Edges Afterword (+ Recording!)

🗓 09 Jul 2017

The last of the first four afterwords/forewords—the one for Of Fractured Edges. This...this one might be the most intense of them, emotionally. Longest as well for sure. Most spoilerific too, so beware.

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Threads that Bind the Tempest Afterword/Explanation (+ Recording!)

🗓 01 Jul 2017

Here we are again. This time with the afterword-thing for Threads that Bind the Tempest. This is probably the most disjointed one of the lot, but it makes sense given what Threads that Bind the Tempest is. I could have put this before or after the book, but I put it after. I don't know. It made sense there. Of course, I recorded myself reading it.

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Harmonic Waves Retrospection (+ Recording!)

🗓 12 Jun 2017

Here I am again with the recordings! This is the second of my additions to the novels. How to Stop Wildfire it felt natural to have a preface to explain the journey to it and explain it. With Harmonic Waves, my thoughts lingered on the content and what it meant rather than the journey so I chose to do a retrospection that is at the end of the novel. There are some spoilers within which is all the more reason it needs to be read following the book itself. Read...or listened to. Yep. I recorded myself again. Enjoy!

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How to Stop Wildfire Preface (+ Recording!)

🗓 11 Jun 2017

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