If you have been paying attention you will have noticed that on the sidebar I have added a newsletter widget. That’s right: I’m making a newsletter. I already have some ideas for it. Blog highlights, release details. Exclusive stuff. I’m not going to list it all: that is going to be in the inaugural issue […]

I enrolled How to Stop Wildfire in KDP Select basically when I first published it. This means that it is Kindle-exclusive and that I get special ‘perks.’ Like higher royalty rates in certain countries and promotion offers. The promo offers have two flavors: free and sale. Both can be max five days per 90day enrollment […]

Pricing. How much does a book cost? Or, how much is How to Stop Wildfire worth? This is a question I spent about 15 minutes on some serious time thinking about. The answer I came up with is $2.99…but with an asterisk and clauses and so on. First off: Why $2.99? Sarah, I thought you were a believer […]