If you have been paying attention you will have noticed that on the sidebar I have added a newsletter widget. That’s right: I’m making a newsletter. I already have some ideas for it. Blog highlights, release details. Exclusive stuff.

I’m not going to list it all: that is going to be in the inaugural issue of my new newsletter. I’ll be launching it after I get a good batch of subscribers.

Sign up and join the fun!

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Book marketing is probably the most draining aspect of being a self-published author. Writing the book wasn’t enough. Now you have to convince everyone else to bother reading it.


I really hate marketing. It feels hollow and dishonest. But you know what feeling is worse? No one reading your book. Which, in this era of the book market being extremely oversaturated and increasingly so, is a real possibility. A serious one that you should consider.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 8.49.50 PM

My life

So we, as crazy self-published authors, are basically forced into shilling for our product or else our book sales will forever look like the above graph.

And also in this era are the practically hundreds of different ways for you to do that. I am not going to get into a huge analysis of which ways work best or say you should pay money to ‘x’ service because they have good ratings and people say it is worth it. I hate that philosophy. Paying money to make more money is a tried and true option, but with advertising a self-published book it feels too dangerous. I don’t have that much capital, either, so the risk is multiplied for me. I don’t think …

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I enrolled How to Stop Wildfire in KDP Select basically when I first published it. This means that it is Kindle-exclusive and that I get special ‘perks.’ Like higher royalty rates in certain countries and promotion offers. The promo offers have two flavors: free and sale. Both can be max five days per 90day enrollment period, but you can only choose one per period. Kind of annoying, but whatever, there it is.

For May 4th – May 6th I decided to do a KDP free promotion, because I heard it can really drive downloads and *hopefully* get more reviews. The results were pretty interesting and exciting.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 5.55.06 AM

As you can see from the graph, my initial sales were subpar. The majority, if not all, originated from friends and family. The start of the free promo saw a huge increase in people downloading HTSW. Very exciting. It tapered off a little on Tuesday, but went back up on Wednesday. I used askDavid.com for Twitter promotions, while also tweeting about it myself. Who knows?

The two free sales on Thursday is kind of hilarious and strange, but it probably has to do with time-zones.

I heard of people getting 100+ downloads a day, …

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I said I was getting back to editing/writing the second book. That lasted a grand total of two days. I was wooed by the prospect of creating PRINT versions of How to Stop Wildfire through Createspace. Having a physical copy…just sounds too good. So being the type of person I am I delved into the world.

The interface is simple enough. What to do with it is much trickier. Unlike the realm of ebooks, where conversion is easy and you only need a mildly terrible cover that requires minimal effort, print is more demanding. You need a cover that you know…is an actual cover. Front, back and spine. Fancy stuff, right? That just makes everything more complicated. More design. More thought.

The good thing about having to rethink the cover is that I have to rethink the cover. Let’s be honest: the cover for How to Stop Wildfire is pretty bad. Having to redesign it is good thing. People do judge works of literature by pictures and if I make it actually interesting to look at there might be more interest coming towards it.

I’m working on the cover. It is moderately high on my to-do list.

What has been …

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Pricing. How much does a book cost? Or, how much is How to Stop Wildfire worth?

This is a question I spent about 15 minutes on some serious time thinking about. The answer I came up with is $2.99…but with an asterisk and clauses and so on.

First off: Why $2.99?

Sarah, I thought you were a believer in openness and that you weren’t really doing this for the money. I thought you wanted people to read it. Not throw money at it. 

All true. But I do want some money for it, at least initially (I’ll get to this in a bit.) I am not…er…financially stable or….well have much, so I’d like some for like, things. Yeah.

So not free for the moment. Then what? It basically came to $.99 vs $2.99. Any higher is just silly and overpriced from my perspective. I read a few studies and articles on the subject and it turns out $2.99 is a pretty sweet spot. So I was swayed to that 2.99 price point.

Now for the ‘2.99 but only for a bit’ bit. HTSW is part of a series. Series means more than one book. Therefor (obviously) in the future there …

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