Sticker Mule Magnetic Milestone: King Fla'neiel

Sticker Mule Magnetic Milestone: King Fla'neiel

This is the third part in my Sticker Mule adventure. The third act twist comes as the latest products I have ordered are not stickers, but…magnets. Magnets of How to Stop Wildfire’s first character, the first introduced character ever in the series: King Fla’neiel!

The artwork I did of King that was to be made as magnets was of his helmet in a sea of black with dual lightning bolts as the sides. More abstract than the stickers of Spellbinder and Cyclone. I went simple and bold to get the point across.

Group of King Fla'neiel magnets

The magnets themselves aren’t that big in size; I ordered the smallest dimensions. They are thin yet strong. They feel smooth and their colors come across nicely. I like that they could do odd shapes. It makes them feel all the more special.

And they are, at least for me!

It’s just plain awesome that it’s possible for someone like me to get merch made so easily. This is another milestone: first stickers, and now MAGNETS! It’s great.

Anyway, again, here’s my Sticker Mule referral link:

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