In my attempt to further own my work, I went down the path to try to figure out how to make custom copies of my books.

For the the e-copy, I’m now using iBooks author, which is an overall great success. I been able to attach images, create glossaries, and add floating footnotes. All that has been making the book more personal. Now that’s just the electronic version.

For the hard copy version, things got a little bit more interesting. I started out looking at local printing and binding shops. Basically artisan makers of custom books for businesses or even personally use. I learned a great deal by going to the stores and speaking with the owners. There were things I never knew about printing and binding that I learned by speaking with the few businesses that still did it in an artisan fashion. I was highly intrigued as a result; I did more research in bookmaking, binding, and creating artistic copies of books.

After much deliberation, I’d rather try making my own custom copy of How to Stop Wildfire rather than pay someone else to make a copy that was slightly nicer than Createspace copies.

This meant going …

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Well, it’s been a crazy ride. It has been one full year since How to Stop Wildfire was originally published. This is the one year anniversary of How to Stop Wildfire. One whole year. Wow. It doesn’t feel that long at all.

So much has happened and the time blew by pretty quickly. What exactly happened? Well, I’m going to list off what I can remember. I think it is good to do retrospectives sometimes to see how far we’ve come and all that  jazz. So that’s what’s going to happen.

So April 22, 2015, I released How to Stop Wildfire as my first published work. The cover was originally this crap:

How to Stop Wildfire Original Cover

Please forgive me for it. It is terrible and I knew it at the time but I was so excited to get HTSW out there and to the world that I didn’t pay attention to covers and stuff. I just wanted to show off my book to the world and I did.

I spoke about my work. Blogged. I didn’t get any attention.

So I started thinking maybe I should re-do the cover and re-brand it. Make it look nicer and slicker. Also do a print copy. …

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