How to Stop Wildfire Sixth Anniversary

Honestly, this has been one funky year and I imagine for us all. Things were definitely accomplished last year, for sure, but at times it felt like spinning wheels in place while other things ran free. Progress was intense in some places and then hardly any in others. I am so glad for all of the things I’ve done media-wise like commissions and what not this past year, but… I wish Amethyst Shards had been done by now. That’s what I’ve been working on and focusing on now, so that is what is on my mind.

I wish the sixth anniversary could be also the date of the release of the tenth book in the series, but it is not done and that is OK. This book, especially, I need and should be able to take the time with. HTSW took me years to write, and if I have to return to my roots (at least partially so) to finish this journey, then so be it. That’s apt in its own way. The end is known in the beginning.

I don’t like the sound of ends. And this really is not one. It’s just another beginning. I’m looking forward to completing this ten book long arc that began properly six years ago with How to Stop Wildfire. To completing this first giant step of my journey and start looking to the horizon for the next one. It’s so close and yet…I need to work for it. As I always have and always will.

But the difference from now and then is that I am older and wiser than when I wrote How to Stop Wildfire. That both weighs on me and motivates me. The world is rich with possibilities and I can seize it. I can seize it on my own terms, in my own way. I have to stay to true to myself, though. Despite all that I could do, what ought I do? What should I do?

Right now those aren’t questions for me. The question is not in what. There isn’t really a question. I just need to keep going. And I’ll keep going and going because it never really stops. Every step is complete in its own way but things are still incomplete. It just keeps going on…incomplete and complete all at once…

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