Commissioned Art of Usana

Commissioned Art of Usana

I wanted to get Usana, Goddess of Dimensions, done so I commissioned AR Sullivan. I only wanted a half body shot of her, since I wasn’t interested in figuring out what her lower body looked like plus I just really wanted an action shot of her drawing her bow back and that’s just needs a half body.

For reference: Usana has purple eyes, black hair, and sandy skin. And she wears a purple dress of sorts. As a God, I thought: her body doesn’t have to be anything locked in. So her arms can be jointless and stretchy…she can be shifting in exact dimensions and orientation.


Usana Initial

Only critiques were to not have a ‘v’ swoop for the bottom and her index finger being too long.


Usana Art Final

And all done! She has the texture and color I was imagining. Very effective picture of the Goddess Usana!

Anyway, thanks to AR Sullivan for rendering Usana like this!

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