Commissioned Art of the Three Great Fallen Angels!

Commissioned Art of the Three Great Fallen Angels!

I wanted to get professionally done art of the Three Great Fallen Angels: Capraeaura, Alexia, and Malnoren. They are important, striking characters that have been part of the mythos for a long time so it was time for them to be professionally done by AR Sullivan (all half-bodies).

I provided sketches old and new of each, and a rough shot of how I wanted them posed.

Alexia’s outfit I wanted to be more yellow/robe like than the sort of ‘copy’ of Capraeaura’s that I had her in in this picture.


Three-Great-Fallen-Angels Initial

Pretty good start. Capraeaura needed to be thicker, Alexia’s structure needed to be more wavy, and I wanted Malnoren more…purply.


Three-Great-Fallen-Angels Updated



Three-Great-Fallen-Angels Semi-Final

Good to me!


Three-Great-Fallen-Angels Art Final

AR Sullivan did some minor tweaks from semi-final to this to just polish it up.

I think this is a great base for each of the main three. I could see, one day, getting a full body of Capraeaura in an action pose, or Alexia with her staff. Or Malnoren in a fighting position.

Capraeaura’s outfit turned out way better than I expected. Her outfit was one I was torn on…as in, whether to use the iconic original or to design something new. I went with the original and it is just…very right. Malnoren’s skin tone I think needs work, but I need to think about it more. His armor looks great.

Anyway, thanks so much to AR Sullivan for knocking out these characters!

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