The Corruption of Dark Print Cover

The Corruption of Dark Print Cover

The four books following HTSW - OFE are related to the Primordial Essences as the first four were on the primary elements.

They match like this if it wasn't obvious already:

The covers so far reflect that...

Each cover show cases a stylized essence. The print covers have them facing horizontally, facing a specific direction. The first two are facing right and the last two are facing left. This means for the print covers that either I had to invert that to make the title page look good or flip the title and back page on Corruption/Containment. I opted for the latter option as when laid out properly it'll mimic out how the Essences appear all together at rest (not yet seen).

So The Madness of Light's print cover is normal. The Spider is facing right so the title is on the normal side of the book.

The Corruption of Dark's is reversed.

A picture is the only way to explain it:

I know it's weird and definitely 'out there', but I love how it looks. I'm free to do whatever I want. Be as experimental if it makes me happy. And it does.

Caveat: The spine text direction is facing the same way too. I didn't reverse that. The book reads the same, the cover's the only thing inverted.

All print books so far together

Very pleased with it. I'll be doing the same flipping with Containment Collapse's print cover.Can't wait until they are all lined up properly. I'm going to be needing more shelf space!

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