Containment Collapse Cover

Containment Collapse Cover

...And here's the cover for the eighth book, Containment Collapse!

Containment Collapse's cover is pretty straight forward, like Expansion Expression's. It's basically the 'inverse' of that cover. Expansion Expression had a pale background with the Scorpion right at the center and front bleeding into that void. Containment Collapse is a really bold and busy space with the Clam eating at it, glowing in it and stripping the color away from it. Which makes sense, considering one is expansion and the other is containment/contraction...

The artwork itself was made using oil pastels of various brands/types and some colored pencils. I futzed with the fonts and the text decoration for awhile. The sort of cracked and 'faded' text seemed appropriate for the novel. Like it's being disintegrated. Which is kind of what happens with everything...quite relevant.

I felt some angst over it, not sure why, but seeing it next to EE's cover puts it all at rest. I like it. And that's what counts!

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