Sticker Mule Shock and Awe: Cyclone

Sticker Mule Shock and Awe: Cyclone

Okay, so after setting up Patreon, I was thinking about the idea of Special Offers and then I saw that one of the Special Offers template was for Custom Stickers…and I sort of lost it from there. Stickers! STICKERS! STICKERS!

I couldn’t resist getting any if only for my own gratification. To see my characters in sticker form? How could I not want that?

The website/sticker maker that I found that perked my interest and eventually sold me on their services was Sticker Mule. They seemed legit and cooky. I liked their aesthetic so I signed up.

Now, I’ll admit, after I setup my account, I was overloaded with their multitude of options. Then this Black Friday die cut sticker deal along and I jumped at the opportunity. I made some artwork and had it be turned into stickers. The artwork was of Cyclone’s head. Angled lines, bright colors…Cyclone seemed like the best first sticker test run. A solid base for a sticker proof of concept.

And after a few weeks of waiting, the Cyclone stickers came in their complete glory and I was impressed. They felt of thick stock, the colors were great, and they were cut to perfection. This sticker-rendition of Cyclone is fantastic.

Cyclone Head Sticker

So this ‘test’ or proof of concept of making stickers of my characters was a resounding success. I’m hooked. I had already ordered Spellbinder stickers in a different format before I received the Cyclone ones, out of expectation that I’d be in love with them and due to another deal. Good choice, me.

Once those come in, I’ll update the post/make an update post about them.

As for how to get these stickers or what I’ll be doing with them, watch out for some Patreon Special Offers (maybe) eventually with these! If I don’t use them all myself, that is…

Here’s my Sticker Mule referral link if you want to make your own stickers and give me some Sticker credit:

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

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