Of Fractured Edges Cover Reveal + Blurb and Release Date

It is that time again--time for the cover reveal of my next book + blurb + pre-order and all that jazz. I'm lumping it all together because that's how I roll.

The book in question is book four of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is titled Of Fractured Edges. It took me awhile to get to that title. Maybe hours were spent brainstorming it. I knew it had to do with earth and I knew the color was green. Honestly, figuring out the cover was easier than the title. But then by the grace of nature did it all fall together. Literally nature. Before I explain what the art is, here again is the glorious cover for the e-version:

Of Fractured Edges Cover

Looks nice? I think so. The background was originally a picture of some mossy tree bark and then with GIMP I tweaked and modified the color tones to get that sharp distinction between the greens and browns/blacks. The black bars behind the text were simple black rectangles but then I added a filter off it to get that 'cracked' look to it. Pretty slick. It follows a similar template to Threads That Bind the Tempest's cover, and that one looked fantastic so I went with the same style. The font took me awhile to figure out, but I settled on the one I chose because it was defined, popped easily and contrasted.

End result: Not too shabby. I can't wait to get a print copy so I can line it up with all the other books. The colors are going to POP. The set of four elements/colors will be complete and it will be beyond amazing. Expect pictures of the entire set.

As for the blurb that describes this installment in the series, here it is:

The last of the Trinity and the One’s secrets are revealed.

In the days following their latest quest, the Trinity and the One are recovering. The harrowing events of the Diamondae Machine have affected each member of the Trinity and the One. Spellbinder, Cyclone, and Farrco have become more emboldened than ever because of their experiences. King Fla’neiel, however, has made the decision to leave.

Without word or explanation, King seemingly abandons his comrades. Refusing to leave King to his mysterious fate, Cyclone, Spellbinder, and Farrco set out to find him. King’s fractured past and being litter their path as they try to understand all of his enigmas. What they find at the end of it may be too much for even the Trinity and the One to bear.

Exciting, right? And you don't have to wait a long time to figure out what it all means. Of Fractured Edges is going to be released August 31st--one month from now! You can pre-order it here. I really loved this one, guys, and I'm hoping you love it too.

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