Elemental Themes

After getting the first draft of the second book (title still undetermined) done I realized something. Water was a theme throughout and when I was trying to figure out the title I was angling for a water-themed title. Similar to how fire is a central component in How to Stop Wildfire and the title is a direct reference to that. So book two is going to be something like At Water's Edge or The Heart of the Riptide. The basic elements are representatives of the works themselves.

Then another idea that played on my mind came to front: that the main characters and first four books match up. One book to each main character of the Trinity and the One. An origin story of sorts. I debated over which character was How to Stop Wildfire's 'origin.' I know that general interpretation would have it be King Fla'neiel, but I intend for it to be Farrco's. It makes the most sense in my perspective. Everything else falls into place with that.

The element is like the 'aggressor' for the character. It represents their foil. It is what they most overcome and 'incorporate' into their being in one way or another. It does not represent THEM but their journey in a fashion. I am not going to go into much detail as it would get spoiler-y very quickly.

First four books. Four elements. Main four members of the Trinity and the One.

My current lay out:

Book Character Element
How to Stop Wildfire Farrco Fire
Book 2 (Water, riptide, etc) Cyclone Water
Threads that Bind (?) Spellbinder Air
Book Four, was Shadow's End, subject to change King Fla'neiel Earth

This really does not matter much, it just seems kind of cool to me. I am detail oriented; I like creating over-arching structure and themes and this plays right into it.

Everything has meaning.

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