Commissioned Art of Farrco

Commissioned Art of Farrco

After Spellbinder was successfully done by AR Sullivan, I had Farrco commissioned! He was either going to be the easiest character ever or the hardest to get done. This is because Farrco is very geometric, static, and has more ‘elements’ to him than any other character. But he is static so there’s no pose question. He just is and my drawings of him are basically on point with articulating all of his aspects properly. I also knew what type of background I wanted (a desert) this time.

In the end, the process was very easy and AR Sullivan rendered Farrco accurately and beautifully!

Initial Sketch

Farrco First Sketch
First Sketch

It is Farrco! There were only proportion and like some orientation things to work out, but all very minor stuff. I drew an edited version of the sketch as usual to help articulate my feedback. Main things were the eyes, increasing the gap between his front and back legs, and tweaking the ‘groin’ red area. Plus some color and size changes for other areas.

Farrco First Sketch - my edits/feedback
My edits/feedback for the first sketch

Updated Sketch

Farrco Updated Sketch
Updated Sketch

Boom! This is Farrco! The feedback was done. Although the groin area was done to what I thought I wanted, I realized it didn’t look so good with a harsh triangle, so I asked for it to be less…intense angle-wise. That was my only edit.

The background changed because I was looking for a different sort of desert…the type of desert this sketch uses!

Farrco Second Sketch - my sole edit/feedback
Only edits/feedback for the second sketch


Farrco Final Drawing

And here Farrco is, fully rendered and incarnated into a professionally done art form! He looks great and looks like he’d go right next to Spellbinder and the others. Very happy with Farrco—this is absolutely Farrco! Thanks again to AR Sullivan for bringing another one of my characters to life.

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