Emerald Haze Print Copy

Emerald Haze Print Copy

The print proof copy of Emerald Haze has arrived! I am very pleased with how it turned out. This was the first copy I ordered using Lulu’s new interface and option set. The new Lulu interface was SO easy to use and the new options were fantastic. If anyone from Lulu is reading, thank you for all your hard work! It came together really well and so Emerald Haze’s print form has. Behold!


The book size is 7x10, which is called the ‘Executive’ size. It was a compromise between the normal size and the super big one I had to use for CC. EH is a longer book so I had to pick something bigger to not go beyond the max page size count. I could pick bigger and I didn’t have to pick hardcover to make it work. I think I prefer paperback to hardcover overall.

It’s still larger than the old sizes used for books 1-5, but far, far, smaller than Containment Collapse. I will be updating CC to use this format.


I could use cream paper again with this format! It’s nice.


I had to do glossy before with Lulu, but now there’s a matte finish option. I was able to do matte when I used the old Createspace and actually did so with the earlier books. And now I can do so again and I love it! I prefer the matte to the glossy. As I go through and update the old books, I will test out the matte cover version and potentially transition all of them to matte (as some of them were originally!).


Again, props to Lulu for opening up more options and increasing the robustness of their user interface. It’s going to be a breeze doing these updates. Very happy with how Emerald Haze turned out.

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