Book Art: Containment Collapse as the Clam

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for Containment Collapse and beyond!
Book Art: Containment Collapse as the Clam

The complimentary paper mache sculpture to the Expansion Expression Paper Mache Scorpion. Containment Collapse’s Primordial Essence is the Clam so the shape of the sculpture is my interpretation of the Clam in a closed state. Doing it opened seemed too ambitious at this point. So it was going to be closed, stationary, and plain.


We started with a foil ball to give it structure as we added on layers. The interior layers of the Clam used pages from Expansion Expression as I had printed the entire book thinking I’d need it all for the Scorpion sculpture…which I very much did not. I still have left over pages from Expansion Expression even after using it for the core layers of the Clam paper mache sculpture.

Beyond that, it was the same messy, sticky process as with the Scorpion. Oven to dry, glued on final layers…yada, yada. Tried to add ridges and the ‘butt’. It’s pretty subtle. The quotes/excerpts that are shown I chose and printed specifically to use as the top layer. Some spoilers shown! There were a lot of moments to choose from, so I tried to pick from the prologue/epilogue and the core moments for each ‘thread’ (Spellbinder, Dien, Balon, Cyclone/Malcolm Zfnoc). I feel pretty good about the distribution.


The shape is definitely not as interesting as the Scorpion, but it’s still neat. I really like this form of book art. I’m not sure what I’ll do for the Spiders, but it’ll probably be a sculpture of some sort.

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