Expansion Expression (Book 5)

The Trinity and the One thunder into a new adventure that keeps all of them on the edge–the edge of danger and of a larger conspiracy that spans eons.

Months after one-by-one becoming self-actualized through their personal journeys, the Trinity and the One start a new adventure.

The first of the Primordial Essences, objects of immense power, and its claimer are revealed bluntly and climatically before them. They are sent chasing after him and the Essence of Expansion. The clues and path to their enigmatic enemy are found sprinkled throughout the past and lead the Trinity and the One to the promise of something much, much greater.

Released: 31 May 2017


If Hequera had to summarize her experience thus far on Earth and the state of their divine quest, she would probably use words like underwhelming, aggravating, and useless.
Almost at the End of One of Many
“I am an Empirian, and I do what I want,” Cyclone stated. “And what I want right now is to win.”
Cyclone, A Duel Over Empirian Nature: Part 1
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In the wake of that, Cyclone landed on the ground, not at all empty handed. In his armored grip was the only thing left of this winding encounter. That stupid black cloak.
A First Meeting
What that fate was, Hequera did not have the time to ruminate on—she was too busy chasing it.
Divine Meaning Meeting
What an intelligent play—getting me out of the way, Cyclone remarked. But, alas for Fa’quiehja, I am dead, and falling to a planet is something I have experience with.
Cyclone, An Expansive Remix
At least I have proven my ability to not die, King thought blankly of the entire situation.
King, An Expansive Remix

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