Commissioned Art of Chatzu'kuan!

Commissioned Art of Chatzu'kuan!

I felt the need to get Chatzu’kuan done. She just…needed to be rendered into life. So I commissioned AR Sullivan for art of Chatzu’kuan. Chatzu’kuan not from any particular point in the series, but of a future state version of her. After she’s figured herself out, basically.

This is also a quasi-companion piece to Spellbinder’s art. I wanted them to be posing so they could be ‘next’ to each other. The background didn’t have to be consistent, though. I wanted the background to be like a textured yellow swirl, which is on brand for their visual aesthetics. I decided against her having a staff of any kind, just wanted her channeling her Enoot energy.

Initial Sketch

Chatzu'kuan First Sketch

Good start! Her skin tone needed to be tweaked, and I wanted her pose adjusted.

I also wanted the robe to have stripes on the bottom like so:

Chatzu'kuan Robe Tweak by Me
Chatzu'kuan Robe Tweak by Me

Updated Sketch

Chatzu'kuan Second Sketch

Pretty much there! Her eyes needed to be tilted and I wanted her to have a little smile.

Almost There

Chatzu'kuan Almost Final Art

It was basically done, I just wanted two things changed: the robe to not have that v-cut by her neck and her left shoulder to be smoothed out a bit. Then boom!


Chatzu'kuan Art Final

And there we go! It definitely feels like a Chatzu’kuan I haven’t written yet. A happier, stable Chatzu’kuan who is just…going with it and knows what she wants. It’s aspirational Chatzu’kuan.

It also made me think of the finer details of how Enoot look/operate, which is always good.

Anyway, it’s great seeing another race brought to life…and it’s all thanks to AR Sullivan!

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