Character Interview: Cyclone (Pre-HW)

Character Interview: Cyclone (Pre-HW)

Probably a post that you have all been waiting for. A character interview with the glorious, amazing Evil King Cyclone. This is set after the Dimensional Incident (aka How to Stop Wildfire) and following the formation of the Trinity and the One, but before the events of Harmonic Waves. So basically spoilers for HTSW, specifically the last chapter, but none for HW.

Interviewer: Shalaeyah

Cyclone: Shalaeyah. Bask in my glorious presence and persona.

How would you like your, admittedly famous self, to be addressed? Evil King? Leader of the Trinity and the One? Slayer of Caraseis? Or simply Cyclone?

I have so many delicious titles, do I not? So many to choose from. So many feats and aspects of my awe-inspiring being. But Cyclone will suffice.

Is there a particular reason for that?

Aye, there is. It is rather obvious. Would you like me to break it down into the minute aspects, or is your intellect strong enough to perceive it?

I think I understand. I will get to the next question.

Will I be the one asking it? Harahkara--it looks like I just did.

It just appear that way. Anyway. Back to the questions. What is it like being the new leader of the Trinity and the One?

It is beyond common words. I will not dabble into Tyra Tarkush to explain it. Dull common words will have to suffice. It is excellent to be the leader of the great Trinity come again. We have already bonded so much. I can already imagine the great adventures I will lead us down. The fame we will accumulate with the deftest effort. The vision I have is beyond compare and detail.

Your defeat of the volcano of Magaya was quite a show. That was your first team effort. How was it, working together for the first time?

It was like we were destined to be together. Which we are. Fla--King, I mean, as he now desires to be referred to his title and only his title, and I, worked together sublimely. We have such an understanding with each other. Spellbinder's magic was wonderful in its execution. Nothing less than expected of a magical robot. Our 'One,' the robot named Farrco, rounded things off with impeccable perspective. The four of us are the epitome of what four represents.

Was there any disagreements on whether to change the Trinity from the traditional three members to four? Did numerology factor into the decision in any form?

Disagreements? From our solid four? Bashl. We agreed without hesitation that Farrco should join our group. No blackmail, threats, or withholding of personal property involved to get everyone to agree. It was a pure consensus.

As for numerology, one cannot deny that three is the greatest and most holy number. Four, however, offers unique properties of mystique and an unquantifiable nature. As the Trinity and the One is like that, it was only befitting that we should have four members. Four members because of our likeness to four and that similarity shall grant us a boon of harmony and power.

Fascinating. The Empire is eagerly awaiting to see what feats you will accomplish.

The Empire will not be disappointed, I assure you. We will put our illustrious predecessors to shame with the things we shall accomplish.

You are quite sure of yourself, with the use of 'shall.'

I am being honest about our prowess and propensity towards glory.

I am sure.

Just as I am.

Well, I will leave you to your group's adventures. I wish you luck.

We do not need such a thing.

Regardless. Chartwekey.


Well, that was the interview with Cyclone. Very...Cyclone. Hyping up the Trinity and the One, as to be expected from its awesome leader. Hope you have enjoyed it. I sure have. Cyclone agrees.

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