Drawings via the Apple Pencil and Sketchbook

Drawings via the Apple Pencil and Sketchbook

So as I think I alluded to in previous posts here and on Patreon, I have an Apple Pencil as of late last year. I’ve been using it to draw on the free Sketchbook app. It’s been quite amazing so far. I’m still learning all of the features and brushes, but the results have been solid so far. I posted some them in the 2019 in Art post, but here they are to date (minus intense spoilers/Patreon icons):

I’m liking the ability to fine control the color, size, and smearing. With pastels in real life, it can get messy and ‘grainy’ really fast and you can’t go back. The lines are also easier to define. And the options! So many options. I’m trying to play with all different sorts of brushes to create different ‘styles’, but I always have trouble figuring out what I can effectively draw at my current skill level.

Of these works, I’d say the Eisatanlon temple and Reshaptz pieces came out pretty well…and so did the Amulet of Ra for what it is. I think I’m getting the hang of doing faces more, but objects are still ‘funner’/easier to draw since it can be more abstract. The standards are different. But character ones feel so much more fulfilling when I get them right.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the Apple Pencil and recommend it for anyone who has a compatible iPad and wants to draw.

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