The Good Days and The Bad Days

The good days are when I:

  • Can spin a phrase without even trying.
  • Put together dialogue seamlessly.
  • Make only minor mistakes.
  • Plow through a chapter in a sitting.
  • Feel my blood spark with inspiration.
  • Start planning out the future, smiling as I do.
  • Flow through the story and words like I am swimming.
  • Can focus for hours on end.
  • Know exactly where I am going.
  • Create a structure and order that is instantly pleasing.
  • Find the word and phrases to say what I want.
  • Turn my imagination into beautiful prose.
  • Create a product I am proud of.

The bad days are when I:

  • Can’t find the words.
  • Butcher a phrase so that it looses all meaning.
  • Lost in what is happening.
  • Have no drive or passion.
  • Can’t look back or forward.
  • Am conflicted on what to do and where to go.
  • Have neither ideas nor solutions.
  • Spend a few minutes rearranging the same sentence, watching it disintegrate.
  • Want to crawl up into a ball and not do anything.
  • Get all heated about something I can’t change.
  • Hate myself and everything.
  • Care too much for my own good, so much that I am paralyzed.
  • Create a product that I feel ashamed of.

The good and the bad days define my writing existence.

Without the bad days, the good days mean nothing.

Without the good days, the bad days are in vain.

Together they balance each other out and compliment each other. I need both of them to continue writing. I need both of them to continue living.