The Adventures of the Trinity and the One

The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is an epic and offbeat science fiction fantasy book series. It takes place in the universe of Tyra Kolaq’blegae. Tyra Kolaq’blegae holds the federation of planets called ‘the Empire.’ Humanity, as it is in reality, is present in this universe, but is completely ignorant of the other races of the Empire. In the Empire, magic and technology coexist in harmony, Gods exist, and anything is possible.

How to Stop Wildfire is the origin story of the titular ‘Trinity and the One,’ and is the first book of the series. It is the beginning to the saga and a pretty crazy introduction to the world. It is the story of the last of a race of the Empire, King Fla’neiel, trying to find the weapon that destroyed his kind. The weapon happens to be on Earth, so of course nothing goes to his plan. Human antics, meddling Empirians, random robots, Gods, and a insane marauder named Cyclone all end up getting involved in his quest one way or another. What transpires quickly spirals out of control and becomes more important than anyone could have realized.

There will be more books following the four listed above. The series will be broken up into blocks of four, at least the first eight will be, anyway. The first four books are ‘the beginnings’ sort of arc. Each corresponds to a specific character and their journey to accepting their position. It is the base of the series. The next arc is the beginning of the bigger picture, which will slowly unfold throughout the first four novels of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One.

The Adventures of the Trinity and the One:

The Beginnings

Book 1: How to Stop Wildfire 
Book 2: Harmonic Waves 
Book 3: Threads that Bind the Tempest
Book 4: Of Fractured Edges

The Primordial Essences

Book 5: Expansion Expression
Book 6: The Madness of Light
Book 7: The Corruption of Dark (Not Yet Released)
Book 8: Containment Collapse (Not Yet Released)

All together