Every character has a face and every writer, at some point, has to engage in the process know as describing character faces. As in, put words to their mental picture of a particular character. Whether that character is ugly, pretty, scarred, plain, or whatever, there needs to be some description of what they look like. And Humans, being so facial-centric, usually focus on the face. It makes sense. I don’t disagree.

Problem is, though, my characters don’t really have, eh, typical faces. Human-like ones, at any rate. Not really a problem, but more of a fact of what I write and love. So let’s see, the main cast and their heads:

  • Cyclone. He wears a helmet. I described his helmet well enough, but what is underneath is bare bones. Literally. His head is a skull. Not much to describe there–and he is barely ever without his helmet so the chances to do so are basically non existent.
  • King. Also wears a helmet. A green bubble-like helmet. Kind of iconic, as described in the first chapter ever. Beneath his helmet has never been described. So far, anyway *gives a shifty gaze and perhaps gestures to Of Fractured Edges.*

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It is that time again–time for the cover reveal of my next book + blurb + pre-order and all that jazz. I’m lumping it all together because that’s how I roll.

The book in question is book four of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is titled Of Fractured Edges. It took me awhile to get to that title. Maybe hours were spent brainstorming it. I knew it had to do with earth and I knew the color was green. Honestly, figuring out the cover was easier than the title. But then by the grace of nature did it all fall together. Literally nature. Before I explain what the art is, here again is the glorious cover for the e-version:

Of Fractured Edges Cover Reveal

Looks nice? I think so. The background was originally a picture of some mossy tree bark and then with GIMP I tweaked and modified the color tones to get that sharp distinction between the greens and browns/blacks. The black bars behind the text were simple black rectangles but then I added a filter off it to get that ‘cracked’ look to it. Pretty slick. It follows a similar template to Threads That Bind the Tempest’s cover, and that

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Do not go.

My silent voice is chanting that over and over and over again. All I can think of is:

Do not leave.

Do not make me say farewell one last time.

Do not walk away.

Do not go.

But she does. She always does. She is already turned away from me at this point. Already looking off into the distance. Her future. Without me in it, of course. If I was in it, in anyway, even the most inconsequential of parts, I would be content. But I am not. I am nothing.

She walks away from me without even looking back once. My breath hitches. I stumble back, my clunky feet gliding against the gravely sand. Gliding is not the right word — I tumble back in a controlled manner. I do not fall but I almost wish I had. At least then it would have felt like something happened, instead of this muted parting that did happen.

We were lovers, we were mates, we were something, should there not be more to a breaking apart?

Maybe. Maybe not.

It does not matter.

She walks away and I am left standing on some beach. That never changes.

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The good days are when I:

  • Can spin a phrase without even trying.
  • Put together dialogue seamlessly.
  • Make only minor mistakes.
  • Plow through a chapter in a sitting.
  • Feel my blood spark with inspiration.
  • Start planning out the future, smiling as I do.
  • Flow through the story and words like I am swimming.
  • Can focus for hours on end.
  • Know exactly where I am going.
  • Create a structure and order that is instantly pleasing.
  • Find the word and phrases to say what I want.
  • Turn my imagination into beautiful prose.
  • Create a product I am proud of.

The bad days are when I:

  • Can’t find the words.
  • Butcher a phrase so that it looses all meaning.
  • Lost in what is happening.
  • Have no drive or passion.
  • Can’t look back or forward.
  • Am conflicted on what to do and where to go.
  • Have neither ideas nor solutions.
  • Spend a few minutes rearranging the same sentence, watching it disintegrate.
  • Want to crawl up into a ball and not do anything.
  • Get all heated about something I can’t change.
  • Hate myself and everything.
  • Care too much for my own good, so much that I am paralyzed.
  • Create a product that I feel ashamed

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It is that time of the year again. Time for a SIA book event! This one is called Hash’s Bash 2.0. It is bigger and better than ever; it is packed with delicious deals and has a longer duration. It takes place from July 1 to July 4. Books will be free, on sale, and book combo packs have reduced prices. It’ll be great. There are so many great books going to be on sale and free during the event. Including mine, of course.

Which ones? Well, the entire Adventures of the Trinity and the One series so far! (Pretty obvious, but whatever. This is my core stock.)

How to Stop Wildfire will be free (as usual).

Harmonic Waves and Threads that Bind the Tempest will both be on Countdown deals–99cents throughout the entire event run and a little after.

So yeah. Pick up my stuff, if you already haven’t during Hash’s Bash 2.0. And pick up other people’s work too, because it is just as good. They can be found through this SIA website.

I know I’m going to pick up a ton of books. My reading list is already overflowing but that doesn’t mean anything. One can never …

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Writing, like most things, has a point known by a variety of terms: writing flow and zone are but two of many words and phrases. They mean the state of mind one enters when fully engaged with an activity. When one becomes one with it. Conscious thought is lost to the act of doing. We become so wrapped up in the process that the bigger picture is lost. It is the essence of engaging.

I love this writing flow. It is not what writing is to me, but it is certainly a big part of it. Getting into the groove and not letting up until I hit the end of my thought or section that I fell into completely. It feels substantial and powerful.

It has its downsides, though. Sometimes seeing all the trees is a good thing, but sometimes you really need to see the forest. Planning and careful thought is lost to the process of the art. What you have at the end of this stint may not be fully coherent or stable. It could work, but it doesn’t work in conjunction with everything else. The writing flow creates its own paths without regards for the existing pathways.…

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I haven’t hashed it out that much, but I’m thinking about taking a break of some sort between book 4 and book 5. I don’t know if it’ll be a few months or just a few days, but I’m planning on working on a side-project, The Lost, intently for a little bit. Whether I’ll finish it in this break or not, I don’t know. I just have a feeling that after book 4 I’m going to need to spend some time just thinking and planning–not completely writing.


Because book 4 marks the end of the first four novels, which are thematically linked. They are like their own complete arc. The next four books are their own set, so I want to be in a fresh, thoroughly planned out mindset for them. Also to give the first four some time to settle. When book 4 comes out, I’m planning on making HTSW perma-free and maybe price dropping Harmonic Waves. So I can market that. I’m also thinking about creating a streamlined four pack of them. Maybe do another editing run on each of them. I don’t know. Just some maintenance/pressing forward ideas. What better time would there be to …

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There are times when I hit a snag along the line. The internal version, updated every moment, of the world and the events spirals along and maybe goes against what I’ve put forth as canon so far. What I believe is canon conflicts slightly with what is canon in the print. It is never a hard conflict; just like a phrasing stumble that has put me in a bit of a corner.

I get extremely frustrated when this happens. Part of me wants to go back through the already published works and make those tiny spots clearer to what I currently think it should be, but that isn’t a solution–it is a patch up. I don’t work with patches, I work with a continuous narrative. These edges can’t be smoothed out. They need to be worked with to create the entire whole that is the mosaic of my world. Having to work with two ideas, not necessarily mutually exclusive, creates a variety of opportunities for advancement in my own world building and the world itself. I have to flesh out the world to be more than just a few details, to create a whole narrative that encompasses both points and …

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Another lovely character interview, this time from Spellbinder, member of the Trinity and the One and only known robot to be able to use magic. Set after the second book, Harmonic Waves, but before the third, Threads that Bind the Tempest.

Interviewer: So! The Trinity and the One has started off great with dealing with that little incident with Sargon.

Spellbinder: It has, has it not? That was certainly a feat we pulled off. Although the matter is still being dealt with on the side of the Grim Reaper and Sargon, we have assisted in retaining Empirian honor and face.

Something important. The Empire thanks you, Spellbinder, and the rest of the Trinity and the One.

The Empire should especially thank Cyclone, he was the primary agent in dealing with Sargon. Yet-

He needs no thanks, the glory is all he needs. How is it working with him? He is even more famous now than he was before.

It is…interesting. We are growing to understand each other. It is an honor to be in the presence of such a pious and devoted Empirian. His skill set is also quite interesting.

The Spine has him listed as the leader of

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Well, it’s been a crazy ride. It has been one full year since How to Stop Wildfire was originally published. This is the one year anniversary of How to Stop Wildfire. One whole year. Wow. It doesn’t feel that long at all.

So much has happened and the time blew by pretty quickly. What exactly happened? Well, I’m going to list off what I can remember. I think it is good to do retrospectives sometimes to see how far we’ve come and all that  jazz. So that’s what’s going to happen.

So April 22, 2015, I released How to Stop Wildfire as my first published work. The cover was originally this crap:

How to Stop Wildfire Original Cover

Please forgive me for it. It is terrible and I knew it at the time but I was so excited to get HTSW out there and to the world that I didn’t pay attention to covers and stuff. I just wanted to show off my book to the world and I did.

I spoke about my work. Blogged. I didn’t get any attention.

So I started thinking maybe I should re-do the cover and re-brand it. Make it look nicer and slicker. Also do a print copy. …

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