The story starts like this: I write a story. It takes me many years to get to a point where it is passable. It takes a few more to make me proud of it. It will take less than one afterwards to realize how far I’ve come since it. But we’re not there yet. I […]

Every character has a face and every writer, at some point, has to engage in the process know as describing character faces. As in, put words to their mental picture of a particular character. Whether that character is ugly, pretty, scarred, plain, or whatever, there needs to be some description of what they look like. […]

The good days are when I: Can spin a phrase without even trying. Put together dialogue seamlessly. Make only minor mistakes. Plow through a chapter in a sitting. Feel my blood spark with inspiration. Start planning out the future, smiling as I do. Flow through the story and words like I am swimming. Can focus […]

How did you discover you were a writer? Discover? Do you mean discover like how Columbus ‘discovered’ the new world? Because he really did not. The Americas were always there. There were people that lived in the world that he ‘found;’ they certainly knew it existed. It had always been there for them as long […]

A short list of common writing mistakes that I fall prey to constantly and some thoughts on them. Cause it is good to tell the world what you suck. This is very cathartic. I think every writer should do it. Including people who write but are not ‘writers.’ Showing off your problems so you can […]

How do I write? What is my illusive writing process that can sometimes take forever and befuddle the minds of those that hear about? Wonder about it? Probably not, but I am going to share anyway because I can. My writing process breaks down into three stages. Writing, editing/buffing/filling out, and polishing. I like to […]

Alternatively titled: Plans? Who needs plans? Anyway. I was inspired by this Goodreads blog post. In which, it mildly goes into which authors/writers are ‘planners’ and which are ‘pantsers.’ Script or improv, basically. Whether the author plans out the book in some fashion or just makes it up as they go along. The differences in […]

So Harmonic Waves is in the editing stage, so most everything is already polished and done. Including the chapter names, which I have complained about doing before. I have all the chapters named, so I’m deciding to share them. There are twenty four chapters total, more than with How to Stop Wildfire. Some of the chapters names are […]

If I want my writing (not world-building) to be known for anything I want it to be remembered for having really witty dialogue (at some points,) and being kind of hilarious. Most of this can be attributed to one character, Cyclone. It is hard to quantify the enjoyment I derive from figuring out the most […]