Here we are again. This time with the afterword-thing for Threads that Bind the Tempest. This is probably the most disjointed one of the lot, but it makes sense given what Threads that Bind the Tempest is. I could have put this before or after the book, but I put it after. I don’t know. It made sense there.

Of course, I recorded myself reading it.

A Paradoxical Tapestry

Threads was always a part of the title. Threads that Bind was a running title I had for awhile but I needed to work something related to air or wind into the title. That was to keep with the clear elemental motif I had going on. Fire, water, then, this one, air. Earth would follow, but for then it was all wind and air.

So I threw in ‘the Tempest’. I had a title that rolled in …

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Life is filled with humor and sadness. Tragedy and absurdity. Drama and dullness. Everything is a part of everything.

So my work reflects that. I think saying that a work should have x tone or be ‘dark,’ is kind of silly, unless you are going for a specifically genre-defined work. And I think it is just too restricting. I can write whatever I want to how I want it to be. So I have humorous sections and really tragic sections. I’m going to use book two, Harmonic Waves, as a primary example of interweaving multiple tones into a coherent work. How to Stop Wildfire really shows this too, but I feel like talking about Harmonic Waves, because I think it shows the maximum applications of my world’s humor and tragedy.

I’ll try to talk about the scenes generally, and not reveal too much spoilers, but there will be

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