Life is filled with humor and sadness. Tragedy and absurdity. Drama and dullness. Everything is a part of everything. So my work reflects that. I think saying that a work should have x tone or be ‘dark,’ is kind of silly, unless you are going for a specifically genre-defined work. And I think it is just too […]

Okay, so I wrote a thing called ‘The Upgrade.‘ Which people apparently liked. I feel sort of uncomfortable posting it here, because The Spine of the Empire is an Empirian thing, part of the world I have made. THE WORLD. As in the ones that 99% of my work exists in, save it being from […]

So, How to Stop Wildfire was reviewed by T.R Briar, an author of a series called Realm Wraith that I liked a lot. The point that really stuck with me was how he said the book was off beat. Which is kind of obvious if you have read it. But it wasn’t really that obvious to me. I […]

Genre Expectations: the expectation that when reading a humor book you are going to laugh. That when reading a women’s fiction novel women are going to be portrayed strongly. That a mystery book is going to have a mystery. Genre expectations are basic ideas about a book’s premise that you can ascribe to it based solely on knowledge […]

Lost in Amazon(ia) How I am getting screwed by an erotica novelist with the same name as me. Amazon is the largest distributor for ebooks. The numbers vary, but all remain consistent: Amazon is the big no. 1. It is the essential market for selling ebooks and for self-published authors. Authors like myself. In late […]

Hi. This is a strange post, but I feel like I need to say something about this before things get any weirder. So right now on Amazon there is another author using my name who is writing erotica novels, and it can be confusing and may potentially seem like I am writing them. I am not. […]

After getting the first draft of the second book (title still undetermined) done I realized something. Water was a theme throughout and when I was trying to figure out the title I was angling for a water-themed title. Similar to how fire is a central component in How to Stop Wildfire and the title is a direct reference to that. […]

I hate the titling and naming process. Okay scratch that: I DO like naming characters. Only certain characters. Most notably the non-Human characters. Humans. Ugh. Back in the day (years, years, years) ago, I gave all the Humans super-generic names. Like Bob. Mary. Sue. John. Terrible, terrible names (no offense to anyone with said names, but […]