The good days are when I: Can spin a phrase without even trying. Put together dialogue seamlessly. Make only minor mistakes. Plow through a chapter in a sitting. Feel my blood spark with inspiration. Start planning out the future, smiling as I do. Flow through the story and words like I am swimming. Can focus […]

A short list of common writing mistakes that I fall prey to constantly and some thoughts on them. Cause it is good to tell the world what you suck. This is very cathartic. I think every writer should do it. Including people who write but are not ‘writers.’ Showing off your problems so you can […]

Because I am a wonderful person and I love giving things away for free, I just posted the first two chapters of How to Stop Wildfire and Harmonic Waves as sample chapters. Nothing special. Just in pdf form. To give people something to munch on. You’re welcome. Shut up and download them.  Obviously don’t read the second without […]