My day-job is software development and as part of my rite-of-passage to attain that position I had to start a programming blog and write posts about it. For awhile I wrote plain posts doing just that. Vaguely snarky things just going over what I had learned and all that dull jazz.

Then I read a series of programming posts called the The Craftsman Articles.

I was inspired, which is never a good thing. A devious idea came to my Neraq (mind) that was rather insane but totally me. That idea was to write a series about Empirians (aliens) that pretend to be Human on Earth and learn the Human art of programming. Other crazy stuff happens along the way and it gets derailed as usual, but there is code there! Some nuggets of actual wisdom! Personal experiences in the land of software woven into a sci-fi/fantasy/comedy narrative.

The result …

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I’m a Harry Potter fan. Proud Slytherin. I enjoy the mental quest of sorting characters into Hogwarts Houses. So how could I not want to sort my own characters into the Hogwarts houses? I couldn’t! So I went ahead and sorted them into their respective houses.

Short Primer for Non-Harry Potter Fans:

The Houses to be sorted into are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. They correspond to the general traits of bravery, loyalty, curiosity, and ambition. There are more nuances to them, but I’m not going to go into that much detail on them because that’d be for a different post on a completely different blog or something.

Anyway, onto what this post is designed for! Sorting my characters!

Actual Sorting


Cyclone – Slytherin

Cyclone is pretty much a no-brainer. At face, anyway. Slytherin is for the cunning, loyal, and ambitious. Cyclone is all of those …

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Preface: I don’t use DRM on my books. Do what you want with it. Pirate it for all I care. If people are reading it, I’m happy.

Brendan Mruk and Matt Lee


If you use DRM, I hate you.


DRM is terrible. It needs to die in a fire and never come back. I bought something. Doesn’t that mean I own it and I can do whatever I want (barring distribution/piracy) with it?

Dammit, I just want to read the books I bought on iBooks on my Kindle Fire. THAT IS ALL I WANT.

But no. NOOO. That is not possible. Because Apple makes iBooks an Apple thing. I can only read it on my Mac products. And THEY own the distribution rights of the iBook format of the book. So fellow authors, you don’t own all the rights to your product because

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I used to run a blog where I posted random short stories on dreams and the mind. I ran out of time to update it consistently, so I am turning all the posts into a short collection that I am going to offer for free. Right now I am just editing it and cleaning it up.

Estimating it to be ready and done within a week to two weeks.…

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