The last of the first four afterwords/forewords—the one for Of Fractured Edges. This…this one might be the most intense of them, emotionally. Longest as well for sure. Most spoilerific too, so beware.

Divine Shattering

Anytime I try to explain how Of Fractured Edges means to me to anyone, mostly my internal wanderings, I come to this little anecdote. I don’t remember where I heard it or read it first, but to summarize:

When the Game of Thrones TV series was being made, the show runners were just hoping to reach the Red Wedding. They knew they had ‘done’ it when they had given that event of the novels justice in the cinematic form.

Of Fractured Edges is that for me. I know I said Harmonic Waves was like that, but Of Fractured Edges might be the greatest of those moments I needed to show. The one that had always been in some way.

Because this is to be read after the book is done, I will say it freely.

King’s Kharat name, the one he would never have uttered, the one that is spoken of in mystery but never in directness, is Malnoren. His Kharat name …

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Here I am again with the recordings! This is the second of my additions to the novels. How to Stop Wildfire it felt natural to have a preface to explain the journey to it and explain it. With Harmonic Waves, my thoughts lingered on the content and what it meant rather than the journey so I chose to do a retrospection that is at the end of the novel. There are some spoilers within which is all the more reason it needs to be read following the book itself.

Read…or listened to. Yep. I recorded myself again. Enjoy!

Jumping On and On

If How to Stop Wildfire was practice that I could take a shred of story and transform it into something great through modernization and revitalization, Harmonic Waves was the first serious capitalization of that experience. It was the second, the successor of the messy first that was sourced from an even messier beginning.

How to Stop Wildfire is surely a testament to what I had learned, but it is still chained by it always being a long-time work in progress. Harmonic Waves, on the other hand, was written after I had achieved some semblance of competence …

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This is me reading aloud the new preface before How to Stop Wildfire. Once I get all the books converted Lulu, it will be in the print copy in addition to the new electronic copy version you can get from me.

You can also read it below if you hate listening to recordings like I do:

A Story Before A Story

Once upon a time, there were a few scraps of paper within a notebook that contained a story titled ‘The Creation.’ It had childish humor, a bizarre plot, and characters and ideas very dear to me. It stayed there for many years, gathering dust and the pencil marks slowing fading alway. The memory of it stayed with me, though.

The memory of it and the entire world I had constructed throughout my years. Races. Characters. History.

Stories. So many stories with ‘The Creation’ as just one of them.

One day, I had the mad idea to write out all those stories. Ideas and thoughts that only existed in the confines of my mind–to bring them into reality. To give them form like I had given ‘The Creation’ long ago.

It seemed right, it seemed so utterly correct, …

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The story starts like this:

I write a story.

It takes me many years to get to a point where it is passable. It takes a few more to make me proud of it. It will take less than one afterwards to realize how far I’ve come since it. But we’re not there yet.

I wrote a story and I thought I wanted to share that story. So I shoved into onto sub-par medium (Amazon Kindle) because I hoped everyone would see my care for it. I hoped and hoped and then it never really came, but I didn’t stop writing and growing. It hurt a little to not get the attention, but my writing didn’t need anyone else’s attention on it because it had my own. So I kept going on until I really asked: Why?

I should stop now. I’m rehashing. I’ve gotten over that hurdle. I’m on the other side. The grass is greener. I’m writing and creating for me.

I’m cultivating my passion as a personal project.

As in personal. Sharing is optional.

What personal means is that I can do whatever I want without considering how many people it could reach or …

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Every character has a face and every writer, at some point, has to engage in the process know as describing character faces. As in, put words to their mental picture of a particular character. Whether that character is ugly, pretty, scarred, plain, or whatever, there needs to be some description of what they look like. And Humans, being so facial-centric, usually focus on the face. It makes sense. I don’t disagree.

Problem is, though, my characters don’t really have, eh, typical faces. Human-like ones, at any rate. Not really a problem, but more of a fact of what I write and love. So let’s see, the main cast and their heads:

  • Cyclone. He wears a helmet. I described his helmet well enough, but what is underneath is bare bones. Literally. His head is a skull. Not much to describe there–and he is barely ever without his helmet so the chances to do so are basically non existent.
  • King. Also wears a helmet. A green bubble-like helmet. Kind of iconic, as described in the first chapter ever. Beneath his helmet has never been described. So far, anyway *gives a shifty gaze and perhaps gestures to Of Fractured Edges.*

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The good days are when I:

  • Can spin a phrase without even trying.
  • Put together dialogue seamlessly.
  • Make only minor mistakes.
  • Plow through a chapter in a sitting.
  • Feel my blood spark with inspiration.
  • Start planning out the future, smiling as I do.
  • Flow through the story and words like I am swimming.
  • Can focus for hours on end.
  • Know exactly where I am going.
  • Create a structure and order that is instantly pleasing.
  • Find the word and phrases to say what I want.
  • Turn my imagination into beautiful prose.
  • Create a product I am proud of.

The bad days are when I:

  • Can’t find the words.
  • Butcher a phrase so that it looses all meaning.
  • Lost in what is happening.
  • Have no drive or passion.
  • Can’t look back or forward.
  • Am conflicted on what to do and where to go.
  • Have neither ideas nor solutions.
  • Spend a few minutes rearranging the same sentence, watching it disintegrate.
  • Want to crawl up into a ball and not do anything.
  • Get all heated about something I can’t change.
  • Hate myself and everything.
  • Care too much for my own good, so much that I am paralyzed.
  • Create a product that I feel ashamed

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Writing, like most things, has a point known by a variety of terms: writing flow and zone are but two of many words and phrases. They mean the state of mind one enters when fully engaged with an activity. When one becomes one with it. Conscious thought is lost to the act of doing. We become so wrapped up in the process that the bigger picture is lost. It is the essence of engaging.

I love this writing flow. It is not what writing is to me, but it is certainly a big part of it. Getting into the groove and not letting up until I hit the end of my thought or section that I fell into completely. It feels substantial and powerful.

It has its downsides, though. Sometimes seeing all the trees is a good thing, but sometimes you really need to see the forest. Planning and careful thought is lost to the process of the art. What you have at the end of this stint may not be fully coherent or stable. It could work, but it doesn’t work in conjunction with everything else. The writing flow creates its own paths without regards for the existing pathways.…

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I haven’t hashed it out that much, but I’m thinking about taking a break of some sort between book 4 and book 5. I don’t know if it’ll be a few months or just a few days, but I’m planning on working on a side-project, The Lost, intently for a little bit. Whether I’ll finish it in this break or not, I don’t know. I just have a feeling that after book 4 I’m going to need to spend some time just thinking and planning–not completely writing.


Because book 4 marks the end of the first four novels, which are thematically linked. They are like their own complete arc. The next four books are their own set, so I want to be in a fresh, thoroughly planned out mindset for them. Also to give the first four some time to settle. When book 4 comes out, I’m planning on making HTSW perma-free and maybe price dropping Harmonic Waves. So I can market that. I’m also thinking about creating a streamlined four pack of them. Maybe do another editing run on each of them. I don’t know. Just some maintenance/pressing forward ideas. What better time would there be to …

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How did you discover you were a writer?


Do you mean discover like how Columbus ‘discovered’ the new world? Because he really did not. The Americas were always there. There were people that lived in the world that he ‘found;’ they certainly knew it existed. It had always been there for them as long as they had been. No discovery needed.

In that same way of knowing, I knew that I was a writer and storyteller. It was a simple knowing. A fact of being that was clear as the color of the sky.

I always had stories to tell. Writing is another shape of storytelling, another representation for the same concept.

I wrote my first stories in Legos and scrawled drawings, fueled by pure imagination and thought. Then they took the form of fiction tales written for school assignments and personal pleasure, with the same passionate fire as ever. The stories evolved as I evolved. They became more mature, more refined. Words became their home. They settled there as I began to settle into myself.

The stories were always with me. Writing came to me by necessity in order to tell them the way they ought to be. …

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In an other post I talked about gender diversity in my cast of characters. That is all well and interesting and relevant to current society and the state of media, but a bit immaterial in the Empire of my world as gender doesn’t really have meaning asides from personal preference. A moot issue.

A issue that is slightly less moot in the Empire is a individual’s race (species, if you are unfamiliar with my lingo.) As in, whether an individual is a Sacon or a Dracite. That type of racial diversity. Depending on the race of the individual, they will, of course, have a different body type, and they will have a specific cultural outlook. They will all be Empirian, that is a given, but the flavor of Empirian will differ. The Empire is a diverse place in opinions and schools of thought.

So, how diverse is my cast racially/culturally? Well, it depends on your perspective.

Main characters (like the super core cast) are for this analysis:

  • Cyclone
  • King
  • Spellbinder
  • Farrco
  • Hequera

Cyclone is a Jalon, King Fla’neiel is a Flana, Spellbinder and Farrco are robots, but are extremely different from each other, and Hequera is a Dracite (aka …

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