This is me reading aloud the new preface before How to Stop Wildfire. Once I get all the books converted Lulu, it will be in the print copy in addition to the new electronic copy version you can get from me.

You can also read it below if you hate listening to recordings like I do:

A Story Before A Story

Once upon a time, there were a few scraps of paper within a notebook that contained a story titled ‘The Creation.’ It had childish humor, a bizarre plot, and characters and ideas very dear to me. It stayed there for many years, gathering dust and the pencil marks slowing fading alway. The memory of it stayed with me, though.

The memory of it and the entire world I had constructed throughout my years. Races. Characters. History.

Stories. So many stories with ‘The Creation’ as just one …

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Who do you write for?

There are actually two ways to interpret that question.

Who to write for as in a more literal, who-is-your-audience type way. As in, who is going to read said work. The intended audience. Like if you are writing a post about start-ups, then your audience is someone in that business or interested in being in that business.

The other way is the more metaphorical sense. Who are you writing for. In the greater way. Like why are you writing in the first place. Your internal motivations for taking your thoughts and putting them onto a page.

In an ideal world, with any profession, your primal motivation should be for yourself. Now, why you want to do it or why you enjoy it, that can vary. But you should do something because you want to.

Yea, yea, the world we live in isn’t ideal. But there …

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