The last of the first four afterwords/forewords—the one for Of Fractured Edges. This…this one might be the most intense of them, emotionally. Longest as well for sure. Most spoilerific too, so beware.

Divine Shattering

Anytime I try to explain how Of Fractured Edges means to me to anyone, mostly my internal wanderings, I come to this little anecdote. I don’t remember where I heard it or read it first, but to summarize:

When the Game of Thrones TV series was being made, the show runners were just hoping to reach the Red Wedding. They knew they had ‘done’ it when they had given that event of the novels justice in the cinematic form.

Of Fractured Edges is that for me. I know I said Harmonic Waves was like that, but Of Fractured Edges might be the greatest of those moments I needed to show. The one that …

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I made another little movie on How to Stop Wildfire. This time, it has music custom made and inspired by the book! It was made by Josh B. It is a wonderful track. The theme of the video is King Fla’neiel’s journey. Nothing too spoiler-y, just a good beginning overview. It was a bit hard to make, but I did it. Learned a lot of new techniques. Did some crappy drawings just for it.



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This is a ‘character interview’ for one of the main characters, King Fla’neiel, of How to Stop Wildfire.

King PropagandaInterviewer: Hello, or should I say ‘shalaeyah?’ That is the common greeting of the Empire.

Fla’neiel: ‘Hello’ is fine. I do not speak Tyra Tarkush.

Really? I thought Tyra Tarkush was the other official language of the Empire, along with what we are speaking now.

Of course it is. Flana believed that Tyra Tarkush should not be spoken. It is a holy language, and we will sully it by speaking it without true intention.

Do you believe that?

Mildly. I do not know Tyra Tarkush and learning it is not high on my priorities.

And what is high on your priorities?

Finding the ‘Dimensional Weapon’ that brought cataclysm to Flana. Then subsequently destroying it. I have dedicated every millennia since the end of Flana to finding it.

‘End of

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