So as part of Support Indie Author‘s Night of the Living Book Blast event, I was able to do a mini-interview, so here it is!

What is your name? 

Sarah Sunday

What is/are the name(s) and genre(s) of the book(s) you are offering? 

How to Stop Wildfire, an offbeat space opera/epic fantasy hybrid.

Who will enjoy the book(s) you are offering, spooky fiends or fraidy cats? 

Fraidy cats, probably. How to Stop Wildfire is more humorous than terrifying.

Tell us about your favorite, worst, most unique, or most embarrassing Halloween costume. Got a picture you can share with us?

There was this one Halloween in elementary school when I dressed up as Death at a funeral. I wore all black and put on a top hat. It was pretty pathetic.

Life is like a bag of Halloween candy. Which seasonal treat are you?

Caramel Apples.

Where can readers

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Andrea Washington, a fellow author and avid blogger, reached out for authors to interview, and I decided to indulge and be interviewed. It was actually really fun, so much more exciting than doing Smashword’s self-interview. Her questions were nice and allowed me to speak about the series and try to explain what I am doing with it. It was a great experience.

She also does ‘Book of the Week’ (which How to Stop Wildfire is at the time of this post) posts and other wonderful things. Really neat blog, definitely check her out.

Anyway: Here is my interview, and HTSW ‘Book of the Week’ post.

Andrea Washington’s Blog.

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