Okay, so I wrote a thing called ‘The Upgrade.‘ Which people apparently liked. I feel sort of uncomfortable posting it here, because The Spine of the Empire is an Empirian thing, part of the world I have made. THE WORLD. As in the ones that 99% of my work exists in, save it being from reality, and now this little short piece. And ‘The Upgrade’ pisses me off slightly because it isn’t part of the world, and it feels dirty in that way. But whatever. The Spine holds all things mine. I can do what I want, dammit.

But back to The Upgrade.

People have responded to positively to this little short story thing I have a love/hate relationship with. And have, I think, completely missed the point of. A relevant response is here, which I too responded to. I feel like Ray Bradbury with Fahrenheit 451. It

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