When I made my own copy of How to Stop Wildfire about two months ago, I knew I was going to make copies for the rest of the series. Starting with the next book, of course—Harmonic Waves.

The cover used for the print/e-copy originally was a painted piece of paper that was supposed to look water-y. I was thinking of doing paints again for the cover for the self-bound book, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Then the idea came to me: use stones. Like glass-y stone pebbles. I liked the idea so I went off to the store to find something reasonable. I didn’t pick up shiny, heavy stones but instead went with aquarium gravel. I picked up this huge bag of it thinking I’d do the entire cover in it. Then I realized that would probably be a bad idea. I had tacky glue, but …

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Here I am again with the recordings! This is the second of my additions to the novels. How to Stop Wildfire it felt natural to have a preface to explain the journey to it and explain it. With Harmonic Waves, my thoughts lingered on the content and what it meant rather than the journey so I chose to do a retrospection that is at the end of the novel. There are some spoilers within which is all the more reason it needs to be read following the book itself.

Read…or listened to. Yep. I recorded myself again. Enjoy!

Jumping On and On

If How to Stop Wildfire was practice that I could take a shred of story and transform it into something great through modernization and revitalization, Harmonic Waves was the first serious capitalization of that experience. It was the second, the successor of the messy first …

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Warning: Harmonic Waves spoilers!

Harmonic Waves, book two of the The Adventures of the Trinity and the One introduces a brand new concept, both to the readers and to the world itself. That concept is resonance. Resonance being the term attributed to the technique of a Kharat harmonizing with another part, a Vacore, laying its will and ethereal form on top of it and making it conform to that will. This may seem a bit redundant as a person’s body is probably what their soul is shaped like. But it is not redundant if the resonance is with another person’s Vacore. Which is what we see in Harmonic Waves.

How I envision this resonance, from both perspectives:

The being with the Kharat resonating on top of another Vacore is like entering a mech or some suit they control. They are in sync with it, however. There isn’t a …

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Harmonic Waves, book two in The Adventures of the Trinity and the One, has been released. Yay! Woo hoo. It is a political thriller-esque humorous novel with some poignant parts. I’m extremely pleased. It is an emotional roller coaster that really shows how much I have improved since writing How to Stop Wildfire. Essentially I wrote Harmonic Waves a few years after HTSW; I spent that time editing the latter. HW was easier to edit because the base quality of the writing had improved so much since my original drafts of HTSW.

So anyway, pick it up, and enjoy.


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Harmonic Waves, the sequel to How to Stop Wildfire is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It is priced at $2.99! Praise the Gods! Orak ha! (Gods above!)

Harmonic Waves will be released on September 9th, making it 9/9/15. A pretty good set of numbers as far as the in-verse Numerology is concerned. 3 is holy, and 9 is 3×3 making it a very significant number with high ‘strongness.’ Numerology is actually a large theme in this novel, specifically on one, two, and three, and how they relate to chaos and balance, and both lesser and greater fate. It is a very philosophical at times.

Print Cover Tease:

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 2.00.08 PM


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Harmonic Waves is getting close to a release date/Pre-Order Availability.

I don’t know when exactly, but I’ll have date real soon. In the mean-time, here is the blurb:

A universe-wide conspiracy looms on the horizon, and the newly formed Trinity and the One are appointed to stop it.

While the Trinity and the One are introducing themselves to the Empire, they are interrupted by the news of a bombing on Jalon. To demonstrate their worth to themselves and to the Empire, the Trinity and the One are sent to the unravel the mystery of the attack and stop whoever is responsible.

The Trinity and the One are a group of supposedly divinely ordained heroes. They are King Fla’neiel, the last of Flana, Spellbinder, the universe’s only robot to be able to use magic, Cyclone, the questionably insane Jalon who is the so-called Apprentice of the Grim Reaper, and Farrco, a

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So Harmonic Waves is in the editing stage, so most everything is already polished and done. Including the chapter names, which I have complained about doing before. I have all the chapters named, so I’m deciding to share them. There are twenty four chapters total, more than with How to Stop Wildfire. Some of the chapters names are probably going to change before it gets published. Which is to be expected. Tweaking something is what I do best.

Regardless: here is the tentative list:

Outspoken Chaos

Familiar Friendship

Musings of Heart





Precision Planning



Need to Know

A Chat on Clan


Actualization of Heart

Twisted and Blended


Splashing of Heart


Catharsis of Heart




Teleportation and Gossip

Silent Order

As you can probably see, there are some definite trends going on in the chapter names. Getting excited? I am.


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