Harmonic Waves, book two of the The Adventures of the Trinity and the One introduces a brand new concept, both to the readers and to the world itself. That concept is resonance. Resonance being the term attributed to the technique of a Kharat harmonizing with another part, a Vacore, laying its will and ethereal form on top of it […]

Harmonic Waves, book two in The Adventures of the Trinity and the One, has been released. Yay! Woo hoo. It is a political thriller-esque humorous novel with some poignant parts. I’m extremely pleased. It is an emotional roller coaster that really shows how much I have improved since writing How to Stop Wildfire. Essentially I wrote Harmonic Waves a few years after […]

So Harmonic Waves is in the editing stage, so most everything is already polished and done. Including the chapter names, which I have complained about doing before. I have all the chapters named, so I’m deciding to share them. There are twenty four chapters total, more than with How to Stop Wildfire. Some of the chapters names are […]