It’s time for ANOTHER Support Indie Authors Free Book Blast. This time it is Monster themed, making it the SIAFFB Monster Weekend! That means some corny ads and flyers that are also completely awesome. Like this one:


Eyeballing the listings, it looks pretty large (and fabulous). I’m not sure if it is THE largest, but I think it is contender for being one of the baddest (Shhh) Support Indie Authors book event. I mean, I’m seeing like every genre and some books I know are cooky and spooky. It is a monster themed event, ok, I can make bad puns and jokes and fail at word play. It is what I do.

I recommend basically everything (especially my stuff, but you know who is writing this.) Same old, same old, with my promotions. HTSW free, everything else 99cents. The entire series is on sale. Of Fractured Edges first time. …

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Do not go.

My silent voice is chanting that over and over and over again. All I can think of is:

Do not leave.

Do not make me say farewell one last time.

Do not walk away.

Do not go.

But she does. She always does. She is already turned away from me at this point. Already looking off into the distance. Her future. Without me in it, of course. If I was in it, in anyway, even the most inconsequential of parts, I would be content. But I am not. I am nothing.

She walks away from me without even looking back once. My breath hitches. I stumble back, my clunky feet gliding against the gravely sand. Gliding is not the right word — I tumble back in a controlled manner. I do not fall but I almost wish I had. At least then it would have felt

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It is that time of the year again. Time for a SIA book event! This one is called Hash’s Bash 2.0. It is bigger and better than ever; it is packed with delicious deals and has a longer duration. It takes place from July 1 to July 4. Books will be free, on sale, and book combo packs have reduced prices. It’ll be great. There are so many great books going to be on sale and free during the event. Including mine, of course.

Which ones? Well, the entire Adventures of the Trinity and the One series so far! (Pretty obvious, but whatever. This is my core stock.)

How to Stop Wildfire will be free (as usual).

Harmonic Waves and Threads that Bind the Tempest will both be on Countdown deals–99cents throughout the entire event run and a little after.

So yeah. Pick up my stuff, if you already haven’t …

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Well, it’s been a crazy ride. It has been one full year since How to Stop Wildfire was originally published. This is the one year anniversary of How to Stop Wildfire. One whole year. Wow. It doesn’t feel that long at all.

So much has happened and the time blew by pretty quickly. What exactly happened? Well, I’m going to list off what I can remember. I think it is good to do retrospectives sometimes to see how far we’ve come and all that  jazz. So that’s what’s going to happen.

So April 22, 2015, I released How to Stop Wildfire as my first published work. The cover was originally this crap:

How to Stop Wildfire Original Cover

Please forgive me for it. It is terrible and I knew it at the time but I was so excited to get HTSW out there and to the world that I didn’t pay attention to covers and …

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Another Support Indie Authors Book Blast!

This time both How to Stop Wildfire and Harmonic Waves are having events. The former is free and the latter is 99cents! Excellent, right? Not only that, but of course, book three just came out. So pick up the entire series so far. It’s awesome. Also pick up everyone else’s books, because they are great too. Click here for more information and awesome book deals.


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Support Indie Authors is doing another free book blast! On December 19th a ton of books will be going free and one of which (of course) is How to Stop WildfireConcurrently, Harmonic Waves will be going on sale for the week of the 19th-26th. A good Christmas present ;).

The above gif (awesome) shows all the books that will be going free. I definitely recommend picking up T.R. Briar’s book. It is a short story in the same verse as Realm Wraith, which I wholly recommend. I’ll be picking up a bunch too, to add to my ever-growing to-read pile.

Save the date! Check out this web-page for the complete listing. Prepare for winter-book overload.…

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So as part of Support Indie Author‘s Night of the Living Book Blast event, I was able to do a mini-interview, so here it is!

What is your name? 

Sarah Sunday

What is/are the name(s) and genre(s) of the book(s) you are offering? 

How to Stop Wildfire, an offbeat space opera/epic fantasy hybrid.

Who will enjoy the book(s) you are offering, spooky fiends or fraidy cats? 

Fraidy cats, probably. How to Stop Wildfire is more humorous than terrifying.

Tell us about your favorite, worst, most unique, or most embarrassing Halloween costume. Got a picture you can share with us?

There was this one Halloween in elementary school when I dressed up as Death at a funeral. I wore all black and put on a top hat. It was pretty pathetic.

Life is like a bag of Halloween candy. Which seasonal treat are you?

Caramel Apples.

Where can readers

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Because I am a wonderful person and I love giving things away for free, I just posted the first two chapters of How to Stop Wildfire and Harmonic Waves as sample chapters. Nothing special. Just in pdf form. To give people something to munch on. You’re welcome. Shut up and download them.  Obviously don’t read the second without reading the first.

And here is where I say that I hate the first few chapters. Beginnings are the hardest. The first chapter of How to Stop Wildfire is probably the worst. THERE I SAID IT. I hated writing it. So much exposition and set up so I could just get on with my life writing. But it happened and I think it works overall. So yea. Try the sample chapters out, and if you are at all interested, pick up the book/pre-order on Amazon:

How to Stop Wildfire

Harmonic Waves

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I was inspired and wrote a first person POV short story set in the same universe as How to Stop Wildfire. Asides from the universe there is not much connecting it. It is basically a monologue from a Shafien. You can read it on Medium or download it here.

It is not much but I had fun writing it. The first-person was interesting for me because I usually do not write in it. And the character was someone wholly new I made up.

Someone who read it felt like it was an allegory for modern identity-crises, such as gender/sexual identification in a LGBTQI angle and coming into one’s self. Acceptance and all that. I don’t know if I meant to do that, but I see how it can be interpreted as such. Work takes a life of its own.

Anyway, back to writing book two, which is most …

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