When I made my own copy of How to Stop Wildfire about two months ago, I knew I was going to make copies for the rest of the series. Starting with the next book, of course—Harmonic Waves.

The cover used for the print/e-copy originally was a painted piece of paper that was supposed to look water-y. I was thinking of doing paints again for the cover for the self-bound book, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Then the idea came to me: use stones. Like glass-y stone pebbles. I liked the idea so I went off to the store to find something reasonable. I didn’t pick up shiny, heavy stones but instead went with aquarium gravel. I picked up this huge bag of it thinking I’d do the entire cover in it. Then I realized that would probably be a bad idea. I had tacky glue, but …

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It took me awhile, but I got my act together in making a print copy of Expansion Expression. After my exciting divorce with Amazon, I decided to try new things with medium. Yada yada. I bound my own book. I pimped out my e copy. Who cares? It’s very froo-froo. What’s the basic version of this freedom?


That’s where I went looking. I still wanted simple print copies of the series to put on my shelf/shrine. That used to be CreateSpace….I was thinking about using again, but I reconsidered. It’s a time for change. So I went looking for different print on-demand services. Various articles and short videos were watched to figure out which service was one that I was going to try. This piece, a breakdown of four major POD services, was very helpful.

I ended up with Lulu because:

  1. No ISBN required. The idea of getting

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As part of my liberation from Amazon and other methods of distributing electronic book copies, I have gained the ability to format my eBooks in whatever way I want to. There are many features and capabilities that exist in the ePub 3 format that have not been present in any Amazon format. Some of them are, for sure, but how to actually get that in an Amazon copy is very annoying. It can be done, but neither easily nor in any sane manner.

No longer concerning myself with such things, I have taken a dive into the possibilities present in ePub 3 and actually executed them. The tool I used for this next-level formatting was iBooks Author. iBooks Author is generally used for making iBooks, an Apple-only format that has even more options for creating books. The iBooks format is being used mostly for text-books and more ‘visual’ heavy books. …

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Of Fractured Edges released!

Sorry, I just had to use make it big and bold. It is just so exciting for me. The first four books of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One are out. This is a big milestone for the journey I began many years ago when I first began work on How to Stop Wildfire. When I first started my writing adventure. This marks the end of an era.

Red, blue, yellow, green. The color motif has concluded.

Fire, water, air, earth. No more simple elemental themes.

We are done with that.

These four stories, ending with Of Fractured Edges, were the beginnings. The defining of each of the four core members of the Trinity and the One: Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco. Of Fractured Edges is the sweet, expected end to things started in How to Stop Wildfire. To everything that has happened

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It is that time again–time for the cover reveal of my next book + blurb + pre-order and all that jazz. I’m lumping it all together because that’s how I roll.

The book in question is book four of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One is titled Of Fractured Edges. It took me awhile to get to that title. Maybe hours were spent brainstorming it. I knew it had to do with earth and I knew the color was green. Honestly, figuring out the cover was easier than the title. But then by the grace of nature did it all fall together. Literally nature. Before I explain what the art is, here again is the glorious cover for the e-version:

Of Fractured Edges Cover Reveal

Looks nice? I think so. The background was originally a picture of some mossy tree bark and then with GIMP I tweaked and modified the color tones to

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Well, it’s been a crazy ride. It has been one full year since How to Stop Wildfire was originally published. This is the one year anniversary of How to Stop Wildfire. One whole year. Wow. It doesn’t feel that long at all.

So much has happened and the time blew by pretty quickly. What exactly happened? Well, I’m going to list off what I can remember. I think it is good to do retrospectives sometimes to see how far we’ve come and all that  jazz. So that’s what’s going to happen.

So April 22, 2015, I released How to Stop Wildfire as my first published work. The cover was originally this crap:

How to Stop Wildfire Original Cover

Please forgive me for it. It is terrible and I knew it at the time but I was so excited to get HTSW out there and to the world that I didn’t pay attention to covers and …

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Book three of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One, Threads that Bind the Tempest, has been released! Fantastic, no? I am very proud of this one. It has a different tone, darker, I think, than the other novels thus far, but it sets the stage for a lot to come. It is very powerful, in my opinion. Writing it was rather hard, but the end-result is perfect.

I hope that everyone will enjoy Threads that Bind the Tempest just as I did.

Pick it up on Amazon here.

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It’s that time. When you get the appetizer to the next story, in this case Threads that Bind the Tempest. The pre-story story. The lovely and enigmatic blurb.

I’ll stop talking now. Here is the cover to Threads that Bind the Tempest, in all its glory. Stare at it and bask in its glory. I like it a lot.

Cover4And for the more substantial part. The blurb to TTBTT:

The Trinity and the One’s latest adventure threatens to unravel both themselves and the universe.


In the months following the Trinity and the One’s success in preventing the Demon Chief Sargon from invading Tyra Kolaq’blegae, Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco have been waiting for their next quest. It finally comes to them from a pair of researchers who believe that the laws of reality are being modified. Setting out to discover the truth of this hypothesis, the group

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Support Indie Authors is doing another free book blast! On December 19th a ton of books will be going free and one of which (of course) is How to Stop WildfireConcurrently, Harmonic Waves will be going on sale for the week of the 19th-26th. A good Christmas present ;).

The above gif (awesome) shows all the books that will be going free. I definitely recommend picking up T.R. Briar’s book. It is a short story in the same verse as Realm Wraith, which I wholly recommend. I’ll be picking up a bunch too, to add to my ever-growing to-read pile.

Save the date! Check out this web-page for the complete listing. Prepare for winter-book overload.…

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