In an other post I talked about gender diversity in my cast of characters. That is all well and interesting and relevant to current society and the state of media, but a bit immaterial in the Empire of my world as gender doesn’t really have meaning asides from personal preference. A moot issue.

A issue that is slightly less moot in the Empire is a individual’s race (species, if you are unfamiliar with my lingo.) As in, whether an individual is a Sacon or a Dracite. That type of racial diversity. Depending on the race of the individual, they will, of course, have a different body type, and they will have a specific cultural outlook. They will all be Empirian, that is a given, but the flavor of Empirian will differ. The Empire is a diverse place in opinions and schools of thought.

So, how diverse is my cast …

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I’m the type of person that likes diversity in TV shows and movies. There should be gender diversity — a pretty equal balance between females and males and the cast should be racially diverse, in my opinion. Of course, this does not hold for period pieces or settings that clearly have a dominant race or clearly sexist society or something. I’m not a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) or anything, I just want diversity—not white males dominating the screen all the time.

Which kind of makes my writings a bit interesting.

Right now, the ‘main’ cast is:

  • Cyclone
  • King Fla’neiel
  • Spellbinder
  • Farrco
  • Hequera

Two females and three males. At least it isn’t one female and four males, but it isn’t completely balanced. It being five and odd causes this, but of the principle four (‘the main group’) only Spellbinder identifies as female. I don’t really count Farrco as ‘male’ per say, …

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