And another Character Interview! Feels belated, but Of Fractured Edges had some intense stuff going on in it and I couldn’t just ask Farrco for an interview so soon after it. I had to give him some time. This is set sometime after Of Fractured Edges, but does not directly reference anything so no hard spoilers. Some allusions, but that is about it.

Interviewer: Shalaeyah, Farrco.

Farrco: Shalaeyah.

So how has the Trinity and the One been doing? After all the events of a few months ago there seems to have been a lull in your activities.

Aye. We are still currently in that lull. We were left in a position where we felt a time of training and inward insight would proven valuable to us.

Is it proving itself to be valuable?

Not as much as we had hoped, but the experience of a lack of immediate purpose and being able to be and enrich ourselves is valuable in a different sense.

Has anything interesting happened? Asides from the fallout of the events of late?

Nothing that I would think the Empire would find interesting. However, King is learning to use his sword and armor. Cyclone has been teaching …

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Another lovely character interview, this time from Spellbinder, member of the Trinity and the One and only known robot to be able to use magic. Set after the second book, Harmonic Waves, but before the third, Threads that Bind the Tempest.

Interviewer: So! The Trinity and the One has started off great with dealing with that little incident with Sargon.

Spellbinder: It has, has it not? That was certainly a feat we pulled off. Although the matter is still being dealt with on the side of the Grim Reaper and Sargon, we have assisted in retaining Empirian honor and face.

Something important. The Empire thanks you, Spellbinder, and the rest of the Trinity and the One.

The Empire should especially thank Cyclone, he was the primary agent in dealing with Sargon. Yet-

He needs no thanks, the glory is all he needs. How is it working with him? He is even more famous now than he was before.

It is…interesting. We are growing to understand each other. It is an honor to be in the presence of such a pious and devoted Empirian. His skill set is also quite interesting.

The Spine has him listed as the leader of

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Probably a post that you have all been waiting for. A character interview with the glorious, amazing Evil King Cyclone. This is set after the Dimensional Incident (aka How to Stop Wildfire) and following the formation of the Trinity and the One, but before the events of Harmonic Waves. So basically spoilers for HTSW, specifically the last chapter, but none for HW.

Interviewer: Shalaeyah

Cyclone: Shalaeyah. Bask in my glorious presence and persona.

How would you like your, admittedly famous self, to be addressed? Evil King? Leader of the Trinity and the One? Slayer of Caraseis? Or simply Cyclone?

I have so many delicious titles, do I not? So many to choose from. So many feats and aspects of my awe-inspiring being. But Cyclone will suffice.

Is there a particular reason for that?

Aye, there is. It is rather obvious. Would you like me to break it down into the minute aspects, or is your intellect strong enough to perceive it?

I think I understand. I will get to the next question.

Will I be the one asking it? Harahkara–it looks like I just did.

It just appear that way. Anyway. Back to the questions. What is it

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This is a ‘character interview’ for one of the main characters, King Fla’neiel, of How to Stop Wildfire.

King PropagandaInterviewer: Hello, or should I say ‘shalaeyah?’ That is the common greeting of the Empire.

Fla’neiel: ‘Hello’ is fine. I do not speak Tyra Tarkush.

Really? I thought Tyra Tarkush was the other official language of the Empire, along with what we are speaking now.

Of course it is. Flana believed that Tyra Tarkush should not be spoken. It is a holy language, and we will sully it by speaking it without true intention.

Do you believe that?

Mildly. I do not know Tyra Tarkush and learning it is not high on my priorities.

And what is high on your priorities?

Finding the ‘Dimensional Weapon’ that brought cataclysm to Flana. Then subsequently destroying it. I have dedicated every millennia since the end of Flana to finding it.

‘End of Flana…’ what is it like being the last Flana?

The sorrow and guilt would have been near crushing for the first century or so after it if I had not had the objective of finding the weapon. Now it is just a fact of my reality. Like everything else.


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