When I made my own copy of How to Stop Wildfire about two months ago, I knew I was going to make copies for the rest of the series. Starting with the next book, of course—Harmonic Waves.

The cover used for the print/e-copy originally was a painted piece of paper that was supposed to look water-y. I was thinking of doing paints again for the cover for the self-bound book, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Then the idea came to me: use stones. Like glass-y stone pebbles. I liked the idea so I went off to the store to find something reasonable. I didn’t pick up shiny, heavy stones but instead went with aquarium gravel. I picked up this huge bag of it thinking I’d do the entire cover in it. Then I realized that would probably be a bad idea. I had tacky glue, but I was really skeptical of how it would hold. So I picked up some fabric and decided I’d mix the two.

At this point, I had the book already printed and bound. I had the holes be made a bit larger which made the stitching process so much easier. I …

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It took me awhile, but I got my act together in making a print copy of Expansion Expression. After my exciting divorce with Amazon, I decided to try new things with medium. Yada yada. I bound my own book. I pimped out my e copy. Who cares? It’s very froo-froo. What’s the basic version of this freedom?


That’s where I went looking. I still wanted simple print copies of the series to put on my shelf/shrine. That used to be CreateSpace….I was thinking about using again, but I reconsidered. It’s a time for change. So I went looking for different print on-demand services. Various articles and short videos were watched to figure out which service was one that I was going to try. This piece, a breakdown of four major POD services, was very helpful.

I ended up with Lulu because:

  1. No ISBN required. The idea of getting another CreateSpace ISBN for something private was distasteful.
  2. Could do 1 batch and configure the distribution settings so it was either direct/private.
  3. Heard positive things about quality in the past.

And so I tried to make a print version of Expansion Expression with Lulu.

The process was kind of icky. …

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It’s time for ANOTHER Support Indie Authors Free Book Blast. This time it is Monster themed, making it the SIAFFB Monster Weekend! That means some corny ads and flyers that are also completely awesome. Like this one:


Eyeballing the listings, it looks pretty large (and fabulous). I’m not sure if it is THE largest, but I think it is contender for being one of the baddest (Shhh) Support Indie Authors book event. I mean, I’m seeing like every genre and some books I know are cooky and spooky. It is a monster themed event, ok, I can make bad puns and jokes and fail at word play. It is what I do.

I recommend basically everything (especially my stuff, but you know who is writing this.) Same old, same old, with my promotions. HTSW free, everything else 99cents. The entire series is on sale. Of Fractured Edges first time. Been waiting for something like this post out the countdown deal. Gotta love the KDP Select perks.





And do the monster mash



Support Indie Authors is doing another free book blast! On December 19th a ton of books will be going free and one of which (of course) is How to Stop WildfireConcurrently, Harmonic Waves will be going on sale for the week of the 19th-26th. A good Christmas present ;).

The above gif (awesome) shows all the books that will be going free. I definitely recommend picking up T.R. Briar’s book. It is a short story in the same verse as Realm Wraith, which I wholly recommend. I’ll be picking up a bunch too, to add to my ever-growing to-read pile.

Save the date! Check out this web-page for the complete listing. Prepare for winter-book overload.…

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I have been so caught up in the self-publishing process that I have been lax on continuing to write the series. I essentially took a 1-2 month break and wow does it feel both weird and good to get back to writing. Been so long since actually writing these characters, but it doesn’t feel unfamiliar. I guess it is like riding a bicycle: never really forget how to, it just is a little bit rusty at first.

The only problem is writing the ‘fluff.’ By fluff I mean anything that isn’t an explanation or dialogue. Like…description. You know the boring stuff. I am a strange reader, I only really pay attention to dialogue. Environmental description and long paragraphs bother me. It reflects through my writing style: shorter, choppier paragraphs and back-forth dialogue. I don’t have the attention span for anything else.

I understand the appeal of sweeping narratives and verbose detail, but I can’t stand writing it or reading it. So being the stubborn-type of person I am I don’t write like that. Some of the feedback I have gotten is negative because of it, but I am okay with that. Can’t make everyone happy, but I can make myself …

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Everything a person has read influences and inspires what they write. Writing really is a community affair in that respect. Fantasy has been heavily influenced by Tolkein and what he laid forward, and so on. People take in what they read and it becomes accepted into their ‘internal canon.’

So: what are some book series that heavily influenced me or inspired me? What is my ‘canon?’ Although I don’t passionately read fantasy or science fiction, the answer is going to be a variety of mostly fantasy.

The first few series that come to mind are:

Russell Kirkpatrick’s The Broken Man/Husk Trilogy: This is a very ‘unknown’ series of books, and I feel unjustly so. I have only read through it once, but I have listed it here because from time to time I think about the ideas the author presented in them. The characters find the true nature of the gods, defeat the gods, use metaphysics as a weapon, immortality is discussed as a negative, and there was even a detailed map of the entire world. The world building aspect really stuck with me. Kirkpatrick created a rich world with interesting characters and I just ate it up. I …

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So in the process of getting ready to publish How To Stop Wildfire (I’m projecting late April…post the 20th) I have been setting up the Amazon details for it. Things like title, series, edition number, and etc. The one piece of detail that has been hanging me up for a few days has been category, or genre.

Being the ignorant book reader that I am, I just assumed I would slap it into Science-Fiction and be done with it. I was wrong. So wrong. When did all of these genres come up? The ones I remember were: Apocalyptic, Time Travel, Urban, Cybernetic, Military, Steampunk, and Paranormal. Just for Sci-fi. I get that some books need these classifications. Broad is bad sometimes. I get that, I really do, but with have a handful of very specific options I feel even more at a loss of what How To Stop Wildfire is. The more specific the categories became the less I feel HTSW fit in anywhere.

The one genre that I knew it was a part of was Space Opera. That kind of was obvious to me. It is a sweeping adventure…sort of melodramatic with larger-than-life characters and a …

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