I heard your wails piercing through this solemn night

I followed its call, and saw such a sorrowful sight

One with such strength, reduced to a sobbing pile

Many years of knowledge at your behest

Yet, none can answer the question burning in your heart and eyes

Creatures of Darkness and Light fled as they heard

Whereas I, calmly entered the fray

Cold as ice they said, but now all of it has melted in your ire

I could only begin to grasp what you have felt

I do not come closer, I fear for my sake and for yours

Beckoning to the shadows whim, I watch

Waiting for the moment that could never come

I know that you can sense my presence

Yet, you do not act upon that knowledge

I wonder what lies behind those brown orbs

Your symbol is of fire, yet it is dampened

The water of life flows from your eyes

The strong earth rumbles beneath your fury

Breathing and bending the air that we breath

All of your kinds beliefs swirl as your emotions churn

I do not understand your culture, but I understand what pain you know

The deep, wounding pain of the lost love of your life

I have felt it once, but it was a lie

A joke played by wittier players in a long game

You cannot bear it, the knowing of not knowing

Hours past, and you still idly sit there

On the edge of sanity and a great cliff

A blank stare consumes all that lies in front of you

There are people that still care for you, oh, Immortal One

A child of the one you have lost and a brother by the love of your life

I sense even with my poor sight, that you despise your life

Going back to your home would kill all but your body

Seeing the splitting images of one who no longer is here

Each day would be torture unlike no other

It was the same for myself, a Mortal-Immortal, and I still survived

Grasping your staff valiantly, standing up to face the world

I hear murmurs and incantations like no other

Agony, fury, and all of things consuming you flow from your hands

Turning into an ungodly flame, consuming a land that knows not of your suffering

Now is the time, to speak to you in words

A poem about Haeihlseth Magayak, I think, but I don't remember the context.

Written: September 2010