The Keeper

Darkness swells this world, for it is at its end

Light falling into oblivion, hurling into death

A being of neither yet both walks its surface

Pitying its foolish parents

For they always cause trouble.

The balance of reality is kept in a state of purity

Neither Light or Dark rises supreme

Equality is the need of the worlds

Both negating each other with equal power

Now, they try to upset the balance

The keeper gazes on their folly.

Demons slaughter any in their way

Angels tricking mortals with lies

Gods and Goddesses abusing their power

Those beyond the few planets here

Plundering for riches they do not need

Enjoying the opportunity

The keeper notices nothing really has changed

But as always, balance must be kept even if there is no change

Bathed in black and white cloth

With one, just one gleaming emerald resting on its neck

Slowly stalking the ignorant sparkers of chaos

It channels what gives it is power

The beautiful large emerald-like crystal

From deep in the sun

As the force burns, echoing forever through the land.

A beacon of pure, radiant light pushes through the encroaching darkness

The scales start equalling

Not fully, but closer

The abusers hide, as they see their power wane

Light wielders see almost balance, they bring their powers out for all to see.

The grayer keeper, like dusk and dawn mixing in a harmony

Night and day calming after the unbalance

Its job is done

For now

As there are mortals with ideas beyond them

Their will be bored manipulative immortals

Hungering for unbalance

Desiring for chaos

And receiving their own end.

The keeper, now glowing with pure twilight, leaves the world with a sense of completion

Awaiting the next task.

A poem about Hayelon the Guardian, and twilight, I think, or maybe also Balon.

Written: May 2010